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My Teachable Review: Pricing, Features, and Benefits

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teachable review

Read my review of Teachable before you choose a platform to sell online courses. I’ll talk about the platform’s pros and cons and compare it to the best other online course providers.

I’ll also talk about a big mistake you should avoid making when you sell your first course.

Teachable is probably the best-known platform for making online courses and membership sites that you can sell. Teachable will give you the framework you need to make your course and sell it.

You can build your course with videos and written content and then sell it through a Teachable sales page with a template.

You can use Teachable Payments, which is built into the Teachable platform, or you can use a third-party payment processor like PayPal or Stripe.

Teachable has three price plans that range from $39 to $299. Note that the Basic Plan ($39/month) charges a 5 percent transaction fee every time you make a sale, which can add up quickly.

The $119/month Professional plan is my pick for the best Teachable plan. This is the first Teachable plan that doesn’t charge fees for transactions. The Professional Plan comes with tools to help you sell your course through affiliates and built-in course completion certificates that are only available through Thinkific.

Here is everything you need to know about Teachable pricing plans.

Teachable Pros

  • Teachable Payments is an integrated payment processing solution that eliminates the need for a separate Stripe or PayPal account.
  • When students enrol in or complete a course, Teachable’s built-in email marketing tool allows you to send them messages.
  • On the Professional plan and higher, course completion certificates are available (many providers do not offer this or require you to pay a 3rd party).
  • The Teachable iOS app allows you to access your course.
  • For more expensive courses, you can provide students with payment choices such as a monthly payment plan.
  • In a membership model, you may provide a monthly recurring fee for continued access to a course.
  • Teachable will take care of your EU VAT.
  • There is a free alternative to get started, however it comes under the Cons category (see next section).

Teachable Cons

  • There aren’t as many choices for course and site customization as on other platforms.
  • There is no free plan available.
  • A transaction charge of 5% applies to the Basic plan. (Beginning with the Professional Plan, there are no transaction costs)
  • For a sales funnel builder, you’d have to utilize a third-party platform (like ClickFunnels or LeadPages).
  • There is no telephone assistance available.
  • Marketplace with no courses

Best Features Of Teachable


Teachable provides a simple admin panel that makes creating your first course a breeze. Teachable’s navigation is simple, with only the most essential customization options available. Other course systems offer so many customising options that a beginner could become lost.

Payment Process

Teachable Payments is a built-in payment processor on the Teachable platform. This eliminates the need to create an account with a third-party payment processor and then setup the platform. 

Teachable Payments charges 2.9 percent + 30 cents every transaction, which is equivalent to industry norms like Stripe and PayPal. The only catch is that Teachable charges a 25 cent payment fee, which is little if you only get paid once or twice a month.

Teaching Options

Teachable’s coaching tool, which is available to all paying Teachable users, is a fantastic offering for solo entrepreneurs who want to make money online by providing digital coaching services. It makes it simple for coaches to create sales pages and intake forms. 

There’s also a 1:1 coaching area where users may arrange coaching sessions and connect directly with you, eliminating the need for email and a lot of back and forth. Other scheduling and video conferencing tool integrations are also available.


Teachable has announced a new connection with, a community platform that focuses on fostering participation and building relationships. With, you can create a free community to grow a brand and attract new leads.

You may also build a community place dedicated to your cohort-based course to help with discussion and accountability. You may establish a free or premium stand-alone community using Teachable’s integration. You may also establish a community around your courses.

Starting to Sell Courses

As you surely know, one of the simplest methods to develop a huge passive income stream is to create and sell online courses. If you have a brilliant concept, you might be tempted to jump right into a course and invest a lot of time and money in content creation, video production, and platform costs.

I’m also passionate about selling courses and would never discourage other business owners. Whether this is your first time creating a course, I recommend testing the waters and seeing if there is a demand for your offering.

Set up a mini-course in your field before investing months constructing up a course. For your mini-course, choose one topic or chapter from your master course. You may do this for free or for a little price.

To locate students, you may leverage your current audience, social media following, or sponsored advertisements.

Add a survey at the conclusion of the mini-course and ask students what may be improved and what areas they are interested in. This manner, you may personalise your whole course to the areas that your pupils are most interested in learning about. Also, gather email addresses so you can tell students when your whole course is available and start selling courses right away.

Questions Frequently Asked

How do teachable payments work?

Teachable Payments is Teachable’s credit card transaction payment gateway. It enables for speedier payouts via Stripe, which are sent directly to your bank account. When you set up your school, you activate Teachable Payments and choose a payout schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Is Teachable an LMS?

Teachable is a learning management system that runs on the internet (LMS). LMS software is used to provide textual and video training courses and educational content.

Is Thinkific better than Teachable?

Teachable and Teachable are two of the most popular course software suppliers. Teachable provides greater customization capabilities and better pricing choices for course developers, which is the fundamental difference between the two platforms.

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