An Approachable Method to Print EML Emails with Attachments to PDF


Email clients supporting EML file formats are widely used by users, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and many others. However, they go straight to the PDF format if they want a backup of those emails that are in the EML file. We will walk you through the steps involved in converting EML to PDF with attachments. The easiest way is to use EML Converter, which allows you to convert EML files into other picture and file formats.

Initially, we examine the two distinct file formats: PDF and EML.

An email message saved in a program such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and many others is referred to as an EML file. It includes the sender’s address, the recipient(s), the subject, and the date of the specific message. However, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is the full form of the PDF. It is a file format that is often used. With it, users can show and share files and documents with ease.

Following that, we’ll talk about the various methods for converting EML to PDF. Before discussing the professional approach, we will first go over the manual technique.

Which Methods Are Available for Batch Converting EML to PDF?

This begs the question, “How can I convert an EML file to a PDF?” We discuss the two distinct techniques here. We’ll utilize Microsoft Word to guide you under the manual technique, while third-party software will be used professionally.

  • Use Microsoft Word to save EML as a PDF.
  • Automated EML to PDF Conversion Tool.

Method 1: How Can I Use MS Word to Convert an EML File to a PDF?

  • First, decide which exact file you wish to convert.
  • Next, give that file a right-click.
  • When you’re done, launch Microsoft Word.
  • Press and hold the office button situated in the upper-left corner.
  • Finally, choose “Save As” for the file and then “Find add-ins” for the appropriate “other file format.”
  • You can see that your file is prepared in PDF format here.

Which Steps Did the Manual Method Fail at?

  • Transferring more than one EML file and its attachments is not covered by this technique. It is only supported in the absence of EML file attachments.
  • One option is to convert EML files to PDF files individually, which will waste time. Alternatively, you can convert EML files to PDF files in bulk.
  • Your whole data might be lost.

Remark: The manual procedure discussed above is both extremely basic and intricate. The technique is incredibly easy to use if we only need to convert one file. That appears normal, though, if we need to send thousands of files with attachments all at once.

Method 2: Expert Methods for Converting EML to PDF:

Professionals and experts alike endorse the FixVare EML to PDF Converter. This program helps with batch conversion of EML to PDF format. The main feature of this tool is that it works with Windows operating systems.

EML files can be converted into email programs such as Opera Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Hotmail, Microsoft Office 365, AOL, and more with the use of this converter. The advantages of converting files in bulk and eliminating duplicate files are immediately understood by users. The program provides the option to preserve a hierarchy of files or folders with a 100% guarantee of data safety once you import your emails.

Close it!

We have covered a wide range of topics in the blog post above. We now have a basic overview of the EML and PDF file formats. Following that, we discussed the various methods. The manual technique is the first one. It includes a method for using Microsoft Word to convert EML files to PDF files. However, we have also spoken about the Professional Approach, in which we address the EML to PDF Converter. From the user’s perspective, this approach is incredibly easy to use and effective.

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