Psychological Hacks To Get More Google Reviews

No one can deny the fact Google reviews is one of the most trusted review platforms and having reviews on that platform can help your business in the long run. According to stats from BrightLocal, 81% of consumers said that they read Google reviews, which makes it all important.

Even businesses have realized the significance of Google reviews, and hence you might have noticed that many brands are opting to embed Google reviews on their respective websites. Many tools help them in this cause and provide Google review widget that enables them to flaunt Google reviews on their websites.

But to flaunt reviews, it is important to have reviews to show. While many brands often fail to do so, they often face the consequences of it. And hence to prevent you from this, we have filtered some of the psychological hacks that can help to get more Google reviews for your business. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Ethical & Rational Ways To Get More Google Reviews For Your Business

In this fast-paced life, it could be challenging for a business to convince customers to spare some time and leave reviews. And while some customers think leaving reviews might be a waste of time, it is up to businesses to persuade them to share feedback. And here are some of the hacks that you can use to influence your customers.

1. Start using nouns instead of verbs

Over time, we humans have generated the tendency to start easing ourselves in the task by ‘nouning’ the job instead of ‘verbing’ it. And you can use the same philosophy in persuading someone to complete the task.

Confused? Here is an example: humans have started ‘nouning’ things instead of ‘verbing’. For example, if someone likes to read books, it is less likely that, they would introduce themselves by saying, “we love to read books” instead, that would use the phrase, “we are voracious readers.” This shifting from verb to noun can be used as an influencing factor to get more reviews. 

This phenomenon is called denominalization, and here is a standard example of how you can use this for your purpose. So, instead of asking for reviews like this – “Thank you for using our product! We would like to hear your feedback; please share your reviews on this.” 

Try this – “Thank you for being a key member of our shopper family; we would love to hear from you and make you part of our reviewer family as well.

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2. Use The Ben Franklin Effect

There is an incredible psychological phenomenon that is known as the Ben Franklin effect. The effect is named after the famous American polymath Benjamin Franklin. The phenomenon is about asking a small favor first and then asking your main favor next.

Many brands are even using this phenomenon for their marketing as well. You might have noticed that many businesses first sell low-cost products and then sell their high-cost product to them. 

Similarly, you can use this concept to get more reviews. Firstly you need to send people personalized emails to make customers feel valued and respected. And to use the Ben Franklin effect, initially ask for a small favor, like you can have a little survey, where you can ask them to rate you out of 10 on different topics. And then ask them to you can persuade them to write reviews. And while you are writing these reviews, make sure that you provide the link. And make it easier for them to leave reviews.

3. Fear Of Missing Out

By now, you must have noticed people have this fear of missing out, or as GenZ calls it -FOMO. It means that people are scared that they might be left alone if they join a particular community. So, whether it’s any particular trend, buying tendency, or community, people just want to be part of it.

You can opt to embed Google reviews on the website to showcase reviews of customers. It might inspire others as well to write reviews for your website, and enjoy their limelight on the brand’s website. Various tools make your task easy and help you to add Google reviews on website with ease. 

And with other people already writing reviews and getting the feature, it might create a fear of missing out on others and eventually provide reviews for your brand. Besides getting more reviews, it also helps you build trust for your brand. It shows that you care for your customers and aren’t shy to showcase their reviews for your website.

The Parting Note

And this brings us to the end of this blog. The hacks mentioned above are some of the well-thought-out ways to get more reviews for the business. Because keep in mind that – the more reviews you get, the better it is for your brand. 

So what are you waiting for? Try these methods now and build reliability for your business.