How to rank in Google’s People Also Ask Box?

People Also Ask Box is a Google-rich feature including pop-up questions from top-ranking pages that users get on the search engine result page. It suggests questions depending on the search query. People Also Ask Box is developed by Google and intends insight into the website library. It processes relational topic hub and machine language.

The box consist of 3 or more shortlisted questions unless clicked to show more from top-ranked content. When the user clicks on the question, he will get a summarised answer relevant to his search query. People Also Ask box sometimes contains videos and images linked to that website.

Caption- Template of People Also Ask Box

People Also Ask

Why one finds information in People Also Ask box?

People Also Ask processes natural language and can modify any search query. One can use this to find the relevant and long tail keywords in trending. It brings to you an intuition into what search queries. One can use short clauses as long-tail keywords for your website. It allows you to SEO optimise your website’s content. 

Another reason is to optimise your post, which increases website traffic. One can target the people and ask for features by SEO optimising the content of your page for SERP-rich features. 

People also ask questions and can suggest short paragraphs, videos and lists of search intent results. The procedure is indistinguishable from the way you work to increase your ranking on search engines’ rich features. You should always prefer SEO optimised writing  to match natural-sounding search queries. 

Additionally, you can also understand how people got ranked immensely high on the search engine result page. You can use their format style, relevant keywords to increase the value your website. 

Hence, it is beneficial for the pages to rank in the people also ask feature because end users often search in those sections for easy answers in less time. This action of the users will generate traffic to the website of the provided URL. 

Additionally, the website will gain organic results as an improved brand awareness and a high competitive advantage. 

 Guiding Tips to rank in People Also Ask Box box

Some advanced and effective tips to secure a rank in People Also Ask Box are listed below;

1. Ways To Optimise Content

To generate a rank in the People Also Ask Box, one should use long tail keywords with at least three or more words. Long tail keywords have higher engagement and conversion rates. They are more specific and have a low rate of competition. You can find long tail keywords in Google by performing ranking and business competitor’s website analysis .  

 It helps the end users to find the sites easily. It helps work on the rank in the People Also Ask Box section. One can use long tail keywords to make the search results come in a modified way. 

To optimise the content, use Natural language processing which makes the computer understand human languages. Natural language processing is a way to write a simple and to-the-point answer.

Keep short sentences and paragraphs that make the content intriguing to the end users. If writing blogs for yourself or clients, then use a conversational tone. It helps end users hook up to the content, reducing the bounce rate. Optimise the content by not repeating the pieces of information and do not use automated languages. 

Also, one can use infographics, images and videos to increase readability and refine the user experience. 

2. Pull Keyword Ranking

The basic groundwork to do over here is to find the keywords that have a good search volume. Nowadays, search engines only provide rank if the website also offers latent semantic keywords like “SEO jobs in India” will also come if the search query is “SEO careers in India.” 

Always find the relevant keywords that go with your website but not irrelevant keywords that have high search volume but do not match your website genre. 

For instance, If your website provides information about web design, then your keywords will be related to web design but not keywords giving results for how to learn web designing. 

First, analyse which relevant keywords to use to pull the rank of the keywords. This analysis can be done by cumulating websites having high search volume keywords through competitor analysis. 

Also, to find the right keyword for the right topic, one can seek help from keyword-suggesting tools. These tools are Google Keyword Planner, Uber suggest and many more. There are also paid tools which have basic plans and provide relevant keywords at a cheap rate. These keywords are an effective way to find a rank in the People Also Ask Box. 

Analyse the Search Intent

3. Analyse the Search Intent

To be in the trend and come up with a trending topic, one should understand the audience’s search intent. The be in the search results, one should analyse what the page offers, whether it provides information, navigation or transactional content. 

For People Also Ask Box, Google often relies on semantic views and analysis. It determines the type of questions that fit well with every end user’s search query.

For instance, when end users click on one question in the People Also Ask box, the system automatically finds related search intent based questions in the section. 

The list of questions just keeps getting uncountable as one continues clicking on the small drop-down arrow. The questions that show up after clicking are similar to the search query and what more people ask related to that context. Therefore, getting to know your target audience’s search intent is the most important portion of the strategy to rank in the People Also Ask Box.

Analyse the Search Intent.

4. Add FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Questions make the content more readable and navigable for the user, and also, they can find their answers in justification to the questions. 

One can increase the likelihood of being selected as the top answer to a people also ask a question if you structure your content in an FAQ format. It can be through a dedicated FAQ section or page and from the blog section of a website. 

Always find out the top questions related to your website so that people may also search about them. To add these questions, induce a FAQ section on your website. 



Hence, to rank in the people also ask section, you should keep in mind the above-mentioned tips. By especially making use of SEO optimised content and targeting your relevant long-tail keywords you can increase your chances to appear in the section. Also, maintain the quality of the content so that the Google Panda algorithm does not mark your website content as spam while crawling.