The Top Reasons Behind the Splendor Plus SE’s Popularity

Motorcycles reign supreme as the go-to vehicle for congested streets and highways, inviting long journeys. This popularity stems from a perfect blend of practicality and affordability. Their manoeuvrability tackles congested city streets, while their fuel efficiency keeps costs down.

Considering the above points, Hero introduced the Splendor Plus SE, which has quickly become a customer favourite. In the following blog, we’ll explore the reasons that make the Hero Splendor Plus SE a popular choice in the South Asian country, ranging from Hero Splendor Price in BD to many of its USPs.

Reasons Behind the Splendor Plus SE’s Popularity

  1. Technology

The Hero Splendor Plus SE is equipped with an APDV Engine and i3S technology. The APDV Engine, which stands for Advanced Pro Digital Variable Ignition System, uses a digital system to optimise ignition timing. This allows for a more complete burn of the air-fuel mixture, leading to improved fuel economy.

i3S technology, on the other hand, is a fuel-saving system that automatically stops the engine when the motorcycle comes to a halt and restarts it with a press of the clutch. This eliminates unnecessary idling and boasts additional fuel savings, effectively providing more value for the affordable Hero Splendor Plus SE BD price.

  1. Unique Features
  • Convenient Power Start: The Splendor Plus SE boasts a smooth electric starter for effortless ignition as opposed to the traditional kickstarter system.
  • Exciting Body Graphics: Stand out from the crowd with the SE’s special edition graphics that add a touch of personality to your ride.
  • Stylish Alloy Wheels: Enhance the looks of your Splendor and enjoy a lighter weight compared to spoke wheels with the stylish alloy wheels that come with the SE variant.
  • USB Mobile Charger: Keep your devices powered up on the go with the built-in USB mobile charger, a feature especially useful for navigation and staying connected.
  1. Safety

The Hero Splendor Plus SE prioritises rider safety with these features. Here are some safety features that the economical Hero Splendor Plus SE price in BD gets you:

  • Always Headlamp On (AHO): This feature ensures your headlamp remains lit even during the daytime, enhancing your visibility to other motorists on the road, which is crucial for preventing accidents.
  • Tubeless tyres: Tubeless tyres offer several safety benefits. They are less prone to punctures compared to traditional tube-type tyres. In case of a puncture, they lose air slowly, allowing you to maintain control and come to a safe stop. Additionally, they can self-seal minor punctures, reducing the risk of a completely flat tyre.
  1. Trust

Hero MotoCorp demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction in Bangladesh with the Splendor Plus SE through an extended warranty and complimentary service package:

  • Bangladesh’s First 5-Year Warranty: You can enjoy peace of mind with Bangladesh’s first-ever 5-year warranty on a motorcycle, providing extended coverage for repairs and replacements.
  • First 4 Services Free: You can also benefit from four free services at authorised Hero service centres, ensuring your Splendor Plus SE is maintained by trained professionals and maximising its performance and longevity.

In the market for a reliable commuter motorcycle in Bangladesh? Look no further than the Hero Splendor! This popular two-wheeler is known for its fuel efficiency and affordability. If you’re curious about the Hero Splendor Plus SE price in Bangladesh, a quick online search can give you the latest figures to help you decide if it fits your budget.

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