4 Reasons to Apply for a Partner Visa

Thanks to partner visas, de facto or married (same or opposite sex) couples can travel to and reside in Australia with their partner. If you are in a serious, honest relationship with a non-Australian and you are an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen, there are many options available to you and your de facto or husband under the partner visa program.

The licensed team of immigration agents and lawyers at No Borders Migration Agents with offices nationwide and abroad specialize in obtaining Australian de facto partner visas. They can quickly, expertly, and affordably assist you in determining your eligibility for a partner visa. Numerous clients have received our assistance in creating partner and de facto visa applications that follow the Department of Home Affairs’ regulations (DOHA).

As soon as possible, apply for a Partner visa for the following top four reasons:

There is Medicare

Those who apply for a de facto partner visa are also eligible to enroll in Medicare since a request for permanent residency in Australia has been made. To demonstrate their eligibility for Medicare enrollment, applicants only need to provide the information below:

• confirmation that the Department of Home Affairs has received your application for a bridging visa. a Department of Home Affairs announcement of a passport award

the application’s acceptance and the bridging visa’s issuance A grant notification is automatically issued to the applicant’s migration agent after the application has been submitted. When the applicant receives these paperwork from the immigration office, they are then able to apply for Medicare right away and start utilizing all of the program’s advantages.

a single visa application fee

One government visa application price covers both the temporary and permanent visas when applying for a partner visa, saving applicants money. Applicants may in some circumstances be granted the permanent visa immediately following the temporary visa, depending on the nature of your relationship at the time of applying. A recognized migration agency can advise applicants on their ability to be awarded the permanent visa in addition to the temporary visa, but only if specific conditions are met when the application is completed. If you are unsure, it is essential to have partner visa aid with your application because a migration agent may see that you are immediately eligible for the permanent visa, which might cut the waiting period by months.

Working Conditions Rights

One advantage of applying for a spouse visa onshore in Australia is the freedom to work without limitations. You will be granted a bridging visa A after submitting an application for a partner visa, which permits holders to unrestricted employment rights. When you apply for a partner visa, there are no restrictions on the employers you can work for or any time limits on how long you can be employed. This is crucial for individuals with temporary work visas that are set to expire and strict criteria that they can only work in the designated occupation for which the visa was obtained. The bridging A visa has various rules and candidates are not restricted in their choice of employment; it is provided in response to a partner visa application. Because of this, candidates have a lot of flexibility and can experience Australia’s rich and diverse working culture without having their right to work restricted.

Safe and reliable

Applying for a partner visa is a dependable and at ease option to assure your permanent residency in Australia because you can live and work there while your application is being processed. Applicants are given the freedom to live and work in Australia as they choose and are not required to follow any educational or employment obligations or to leave the country at any time. The decision of their application for permanent residence is also something they are expecting.

Because partners are exempt from the same visa restrictions as other temporary residents of Australia and are not dependent on their employer’s success to remain sponsored, applying for a partner visa can provide applicants with security and comfort. Those applying for a partner visa can be confident that they will keep their bridging visa. a status that provides a secure pathway to permanent residency while waiting for their application to be approved.

Application Requirements for Partner Visas

• You must be physically present in Australia at the time of your visa application.

• You are already in Australia when your partner visa is approved.

• Pay one one government visa application fee, which is applicable to both temporary and permanent visas.

• adhere to all legal obligations set forth by Australian law.

Conduct the required health examinations and maintain compliance with the partner visa requirements for two years after submitting (your migrant agent will advise when this is necessary)

• Obtain the requisite police clearances from any country you’ve resided in for a year or more in the previous ten years (your migration agent will again advise when this is necessary)

You may avoid a lot of concern, save a lot of time, and even save money by receiving help with your spouse visa from an experienced immigrant adviser. It is recommended to engage a migration expert to assist you with your scheduling in order to avoid the high costs involved with reorganizing the same material. Many of the crucial documents for a companion visa application have expiration dates, which applicants might not be aware of.