10 Reasons To Consider Organic Products For Your Baby

organic products for your baby

You want the very best for your beautiful bundle of joy, and when it comes to purchasing products for your baby, the ingredient list is something to pay attention to. You have many choices, but are these items all safe and non-toxic for your little one? Shopping experts are sharing their honest opinions on why you should consider buying organic products for your baby.

1. Baby’s Skin Is More Vulnerable

A baby’s skin is flawless, so soft, smooth, and plump, but don’t be fooled because dermatologists say that a baby’s skin is also thinner than an adult’s skin and more porous. That means that your precious one has fragile skin and can quickly absorb bacteria and harmful substances from the environment.

Organic baby products feature ingredients that are more natural with fewer pesticides and chemicals.

2. Baby Formula Is Key Nourishment

There are many brands of baby formula available, but here in the United States, the organic labels of certification are more lenient than in Europe. For example, it’s not unusual to find highly processed sugars, corn syrup, and synthetic preservatives in U.S. organic baby formulas.

That’s why many parents have opted for a European organic formula. The rules are strict for securing a certified organic baby label, so the ingredients are carefully chosen. The baby formula provides the full nutritional needs that little humans need to grow and develop.

3. Even Baby’s Clothing Fabric Matters

Organic cotton clothing for your baby is another smart choice because cotton crops that are not organic use some of the most pesticides and insecticides across the world. Then, when it comes time to convert the cotton crop into clothing, multiple chemicals are added.

A baby wearing organic clothing is safer from these toxins, and the fabric feels soft against the skin and delivers a long-lasting material.

4. Organic Foods Grow Healthy Bodies

No food is 100% residue-free, but an organic diet is better for growing children, especially. There are agricultural chemicals everywhere, and the immune systems of kids have unique susceptibilities to their potential toxicity.

Some of these chemicals can disrupt the hormones, cause cancer, etc. Children deserve better for healthy growing bodies.

5. It’s Better For The Environment

When you purchase organic baby products, you’re doing your part in helping planet Earth by keeping the waterways and oceans clean and protecting marine life. That’s just one example.

Overuse of chemicals threatens the world’s food supply.

6. Organic Simply Tastes Better

Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables taste good, but those that have been grown organically have an even finer flavor, according to those who have made the switch.

The farming experts believe that the tastiness comes down to strongly nourished soil that yields a higher quality crop with optimal flavor.

7. It’s Safer For Babies And Everyone

Organic farming is a more sustainable way of producing food.

Farmers also stay safer from developing cancer, infertility issues, and asthma from working in the fields. It’s a win-win for babies to adults.

8. Organic Crops Avoid The Big, Bad GMOs

Genetic modification of plants or GMOs does not affect organic farming. Did you know that about 90% of conventional corn is genetically modified in the United States? GMOs have been linked to allergies and various digestive issues.

9. Organic SkinCare Is Better For Babies

You apply lotions to your precious little one’s skin to keep it soft and moisturized, but not all baby products are created equally.

Fragrance can contain phthalates, which have been linked to liver and kidney damage, and parabens have been shown to cause allergic reactions in some. Use organic baby lotion free of additives.

10. Organic Gives You Peace Of Mind

Lastly, when you buy certified organic products for your baby, you can sleep better at night knowing that you have chosen the healthiest and most high-quality ingredients for your little one.

Bottom Line

The great thing about today is having many options. Your baby deserves the finest that life has to give, and organic products are sensible, and smart, and have the science behind them for little humans to grow and develop into healthy individuals. Cheers to your baby!