3 Best Reasons Why You Need a Coffee Brewing Scale

Coffee Brewing Scale

Brewing quality coffee at home requires the right tools such as Chemex hand blown, coffee grinder, coffee filter, etc. Coffee Scales are one of these basic tools for brewing coffee. This tool plays a critical role in establishing the right coffee-to-water ratio for your brew session.

Moreover, your coffee brewing experience will be changed by the coffee scale. You will enjoy a tastier, more balanced, and reliable cup of coffee every single morning. Make sure your scale is digital, measures in grams, and takes up little counter space. Here’s why you should use a coffee scale when brewing coffee.

Reasons For Buying a Coffee Scale

You have a lot of reasons why you need to invest in a coffee scale for your home, and some of them are as follows:


With the gram scale, you can ensure that you are using the correct amount of coffee and water. As a result, you will never have to worry about guessing how many scoops you need again. This means that you won’t have to wonder if you used the correct amount of coffee or not. For instance, if you want to drink 20 grams of coffee every morning, you can do so. This is so easy to do. All you have to do is place those beans on the scale, and you are done.

By doing this, you will be able to brew your coffee using the golden ratio of coffee to water. People widely accept that these ratios are the best way to brew a balanced cup of coffee around the world. According to the golden ratio, 1g of coffee should be mixed with 15-17g of water. This means that, for every gram of coffee beans, you need to use 15-17 grams of water to brew it. That’s it.

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Your daily brew benefits from a scale’s precision not just once but every time. Every time, it gives them a boosted flavor. No more guessing at the amount of coffee to scoop and how much water to use, so no more “off” coffee days. The amount of water and coffee you use will be clearly visible to you. You will be sure and know that you will get a balanced and rich coffee every day after using a coffee scale.

A coffee bean is an agricultural product, not manufactured in a factory, so its size and density can vary greatly. Here is how this impacts your coffee in practical terms. Eventually, you will love two scoops of small beans. But when you use two scoops of bigger coffee beans, you may not enjoy it because an extra bit of bitterness might annoy you.

Basically, what happened is this: Beans that are smaller take up less volume because they have fewer air pockets between them. The larger beans had a larger space between them, so each scoop contained less coffee by weight. Because you used the same amount of water as usual, the bigger beans were over-extracted, resulting in a bitter cup of coffee.

If you don’t use a scale like acaia pearl coffee scale, it’s extremely difficult to tell if the coffee is consistent or not. The consistency of the coffee may probably not be as good as you would like. Keeping things consistent with the help of a scale will benefit your cup of coffee.

Bean Conservation

Make sure you measure your beans on a scale. As you are using a scale to measure the number of beans, you know that you are always using the right amount of beans, no matter what. But if you don’t use a scale, then it is likely that you will use more beans each day without ever realizing that you are doing so. As a result, you could potentially lose 20% of the coffee in this case. It is, therefore, likely that you will be paying more for the same number of cups as a result of this change.

You will know the amount of coffee you consume. Hence, it’s easy to keep track of how much water you use. You can use a balanced ratio of coffee and water every single time. Hence, using too much coffee will never be a problem for you. In the long run, brewing coffee with a scale will save you money and give you more control.

Closing Words

Ultimately, a scale for coffee brewing is useful for flavorful coffee. Unless you have a scale, you can’t tell if you are within this range. Using any other method, you will be unable to know whether or not your coffee is balanced. Scales make achieving that balance simple, effortless, and quick.

Using a scale will help you measure your ingredients accurately, so your coffee tastes as good as possible. Coffee shops serve better coffee because of this, and you can also bring it home to elevate your morning cup.