Why Recruiters Need Video Interview Software for Hiring

Summary: Face-to-face interviews are a traditional interviewing method now. And video interview software free in USA is a more convenient tool. That is because such software offers many benefits to recruiters and candidates. But before choosing an interviewing software, it is vital to learn about its features. For this, continue reading the blog further!


As video recruitment is becoming more and more popular, the demand for video interview software free in USA is also increasing. Using the interviewing software is a convenient and budget-friendly way for recruiters to schedule and conduct candidate interviews remotely. That is why many US organizations are slowly inclining towards video interview tools to meet their interviewing needs.

If you also want to adopt interviewing software for your organization, you should know its features beforehand. It is the only way to make the right choice! To help you with this, we will discuss in detail some valuable and useful features of video interviews software USA that can streamline your hiring process.

Why are video interviews becoming popular in the USA?

Many employers across different industries in the USA rely on video interviewing software to hire employees. Have you ever wondered why? Yes, you are thinking right! It is because of the flexibility and convenience of both parties (employers and candidates). Video interviews not only allow recruiters to connect face-to-face remotely with multiple candidates but also allow the candidates to save time and expenses.

Because of video interviews, candidates do not have to travel across the country to the interview location. Recruiters can conveniently use video interview s software USA and send candidates the link to the live virtual interviews. The candidates can then join and give the interview from the comfort of their homes.

Thus, we can say that because of the increase in the popularity of video interviews, there has also been an increase in demand for video interviewing platforms in the USA. Now that you know the reason for the increasing popularity of virtual interviews, let us discuss some useful features of the video interview software free in USA that can help you conduct virtual interviews effectively.

Features of a video interview software free in USA

A video interview does not demand more effort and many resources as it has straightforward mechanics. You and the applicant only need a microphone, desktop device or smartphone, camera, and access to the video interview software free in USA. However, you can make the interviewing process more seamless by using some advanced features offered by the interviewing platform. Some of these features are:

1. Mobile support

Not every candidate has a desktop device like a computer or laptop. Such candidates usually use their smartphones to attend the interview because smartphones also give access to microphones and cameras. You should ensure that the video interview software free in USA is compatible with mobile phones, and has an official app.

2. Customer service

Sometimes, the technical errors in the interviewing software can be frustrating. Moreover, it can delay your interviewing process for days. Thus, it is necessary to choose a video interviews software USA that offers easy-to-access customer service. You can call and get help from the customer support team whenever you experience technical issues while using the software.

3. Integration with hiring software

Every company has recruiting team members that use hiring software such as an applicant tracking system (ATS). If you also use ATS software during hiring, you should adopt video interview software free in USA that can integrate smoothly with your ATS. This way, you can make your hiring process more efficient and quicker.

4. Recording feature

A video interview software that offers an interview recording feature is the best to use if you want to make more informed hiring decisions. You should invest in video interview software free in USA that also provides a cloud storage feature to store recorded interviews. It is because such software will allow you to playback and review the recorded interviews for future hiring discussions with your colleagues.

5. Security and privacy

Ensuring company and candidate privacy during the interviewing process is essential. Thus, you have to rely on video interviewing software with encrypted video channels. This way, you do not have to worry about data theft and privacy breaches.

Did you know? The latest study reported by Indeed revealed that 82% of hiring professionals and recruiters use virtual interviews for higher efficiency even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

It proves that video interviews will eliminate in-person interviews in the coming years. Thus, you must know how to adapt to this change. The best way to do so is to adopt video interviews software USA! So, let us now discuss the five best video interview software free in USA.

Best video interview software free in USA: The top 5 picks

Now that you know what features to look for in the video interview software free in USA, the next step is to know your options. Here are the seven best video interview software that you can use to conduct virtual interviews online:

1. Pitch N Hire

If you want to conduct impactful candidate interviews, video interview software free in USA by Pitch N Hire is the best for you. The software will allow you to have in-depth discussions during candidate interviews. These discussions will, in turn, allow you to boost candidate engagement and interactions. Here are some more features offered by video interviewing software by Pitch N Hire:

  • User-friendly interface and customizable features.
  • Interactive chat box features to communicate and collaborate with candidates.
  • Customized questionnaires to screen candidates’ knowledge and skills.

A video interviews software USA by Pitch N Hire can align with your needs and offer great interviewing and hiring results. So, if you want to elevate your hiring game, do not hold back and book a FREE software demo from our website today!

2. VidCruiter

VidCruiter was amongst the first interviewing software that was introduced in the job market. Even after so many years, VidCruiter continues to be one of the best video interview software free in USA. The powerful video interview formats, pre-recording, and integration features make this software a popular choice for many recruiters. Some more features offered by VidCruiter are:

  • Systematic and flexible interview scheduling.
  • You can easily access it with mobile and desktop devices.
  • 24/7 customer support service for clients and applicants.

One important thing about this interviewing software that you cannot miss is that it is available in many languages. Some of these languages are English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean and many more.

3. Breezy HR

The third interviewing platform on the list of best video interview software free in USA is Breezy HR. This software can allow you to screen, evaluate, interview, sort, and hire candidates quickly and effectively. You can trust this interviewing tool to fill your current job vacancies, as it is one of the best video interview tools in the market. Some best features of Breezy HR include:

  • Candidate background checks.
  • Sends candidates’ interview invites through messages or emails.
  • Offers candidates’ scorecards to recruiters for review.

If you are using Breezy HR interviewing software, you can get access to all the emails and SMS you send to the candidates. This way, you will get all the real-time updates. Moreover, you can engage with the candidates effectively by responding to them faster.

4. Hireflix

Many recruiters in the USA report that using Hireflix has drastically transformed their candidate screening process. In other words, this video interview software free in USA saved many recruiters hundreds of hours by helping them schedule and conduct video interviews faster. Not only this, but recruiters can use Hireflix to conduct multiple interviews with multiple candidates. Some exceptional offered by Hireflix are:

  • Recruiters can set automatic email notifications for candidates.
  • Easy integration with existing hiring software.
  • Convenient answer recording features for candidates.

Usually, if you use the Hireflix video interview system to interview candidates, you can record interview questions. Then, you only have to send the recorded questions to all the candidates. This way, you do not have to take individual interviews and ask the same questions from different candidates.

5. Spark Hire

Do you know? Over 6,000 business organizations rely on the Spark Hire video interviewing platform to hire candidates. It proves that the software has built a place for itself in the US job market. Spark Hire is known for its incredible features that allow recruiters to make informed hiring decisions. The software also assists recruiters to easily navigate through this process. Here are some features offered by Spark Hire:

  • Enables recruiters to conduct numerous interviews within a short time.
  • Summarize their interview performance in terms of results or evaluations.
  • Centralizes all the candidate interviews in a record store.

The Spark Hire video interview software free in USA is yet another excellent stop if you want to know about a candidate. In addition to aiding you in your quest for deep learning about a candidate, the software will also entice potential candidates.

In the end,

We can only claim that introducing video interview software free in USA for your company is a wise thing. Nonetheless, implementation and purchase of the interviewing software do not help in making hiring a streamlined process. Make sure that the software you adopt meets your requirements. So, do not overburden yourself thinking of all the numerous options on the market and choose software that will suit you best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Which software is best for online interviews?

Many reputable companies in the USA offer interview software to help recruiters conduct online interviews. Every software differs based on its price, features, and functionalities. However, video interviewing software by Pitch N Hire is a check in all the boxes!

2- What is video interviewing software?

Video interviewing software is a type of tool that recruiters use during their pre-screening or interviewing stage in hiring to interview candidates online. It means candidates can be anywhere in the world, and recruiters can use the video interviewing software to connect face-to-face with them remotely.

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