Reputation Management vs Public Relations: Insights from Media Mantra Group

The terms public relations (PR) and reputation management are sometimes used interchangeably by many people in and out of the “know”. While that is comprehendible given the oft-intimate relationship between the two, they are both distinct from each other in significant ways. However, a leading public relations agency can perform both functions seamlessly.

PR is a strategy that primarily works with the media and press and seeks to frame and mould an organisation’s or an individual’s public impression through influencing, engaging, and forming relationships with important stakeholders across several platforms. Reputation management, on the other hand, is keeping an eye on perceptions and conversations, responding to threats to reputation, and aggressively grabbing opportunities to enhance reputation. Now let us delve deep into the key differences between the two.

Difference in focus

As the name implies, the PR companies in India help the brands create relationships between them and their stakeholders, while the complete focus is on these relationships. PR aids in building connections and a roaster of ambassadors who put a positive spin on coverage and negate the negative bias in other publications. Reputation management focuses more on content and less on people. The reputation management teams develop guest posts, blog content, and outreach campaigns to solicit positive reviews.

Difference in visibility

PR is often in the spotlight and tends to explicitly draw the attention of the target audience. When it is in the limelight, it loudly decries detractors and proclaims the truth in any condition with the help of widespread coverage. Reputation management operates behind the scenes, enhancing positive reviews and reducing negative ones; however, the efforts are often made in public. A reputed public relations agency knows this difference and uses the right strategy at the right moment.

Differences in tactics

In many cases, the goal of PR companies in India is to overpower the negatives by emphasising the positives through a wide range of press releases. These releases are intended for a wider readership in the media. Conversely, reputation management works one-on-one to have the unfavourable reviews taken down. Naturally, public relations will work to dispel the negative, while reputation management will attempt to attract the positive. There is a lot of overlap between the two in this field because it tends to change depending on the circumstances.

All things considered

There might be several differences between public relations and reputational management; however, their goals are closely related. There are a myriad of shared responsibilities and similar techniques between the two domains. This leads us to a critical question: which is the best for your company? The answer is simple: consider both.

The ideal approach for resolving minor problems, creating continuous awareness and reputation, and reconstructing after the event can be handled with reputation management. Large-scale issues, widespread coverage, and developing relationships with stakeholders are better suited for public relations. As both of them address distinct facets of the circumstance, your business can benefit from both. The delightful news is that a public relations agency can help you manage both efficiently.

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