How are Robots Transforming the Construction Industry?

Construction work is usually regarded as back-breaking labour. It’s an industry where long deadlines and uncomfortable working condition is very common. However, everything is about to change as advanced robotics penetrates more of the construction industry.

Kelowna’s luxury home builders are already integrating this technology into their arsenal to deliver better homes to their clients within a quicker timeline. Curious about the advantages of robotic transformation in the construction industry? 

Robots in construction bring these benefits to Kelowna home builders:

  • Higher efficiency 

Construction robots are designed to work faster without compromising on quality and they can work round the clock as long as they are provided with materials and power. This leads to unprecedented efficiency while building new homes in Kelowna.  

  • Lower cost and shorter timeline

Robots are designed to be masters of repetitive tasks. They provide higher levels of productivity compared to manual labour. Hence, projects get completed in a shorter duration while saving construction costs.   

  • Higher accuracy and safety

Robots allow you to reduce the number of people on the site and hence reduce the risks of accidents and injuries. Robots are also more accurate with modern imaging technology and predictive algorithms.   

With that out of the way, let’s check out the different types of robots that are changing the future of construction:

1. Demolition robots 

Demolition is a risky and dangerous job. Even when you want to demolish a small home, permits need to be acquired, authorities need to be informed, people need to be evacuated from nearby buildings and the site needs to be sealed off. Despite that, construction workers need to be near the site and are exposed to risk from flying debris, loud sounds and more such threats. 

Demolition robots can eliminate this risk and help protect personnel while eliminating heavy equipment like excavators. Demolition robots are designed to knock down structures and usually come with modular attachments that can be switched out to fit the task. Think of powerful excavators with drills, crushers, hydraulic breakers and more such attachments operating by themselves. Modern home builders in Kelowna deploy these robots when a site needs to be demolished and cleared. 

2. 3D printing robots

3D printing isn’t a new technology. It has drastically changed the manufacturing industry and is in the process of doing the same for the construction industry. 3D printing robots allow building contractors in Kelowna to craft new homes in days and entire communities in weeks. With this technology, robots are fed a design and connected to a large supply of materials. 

They sequentially layer materials according to the blueprint to create 3D structures efficiently and quickly while wasting a minimal number of resources. This technology is often used to craft an ultra modern house.  

3. Security robots

Construction sites are increasingly becoming the target of theft. From expensive equipment to cheap cement, nothing is out of bounds. Hence, security at construction sites is becoming a major concern. Hiring an armed security team can be quite expensive. Instead, it’s more convenient and affordable to use robots for security. Robotic drones can take aerial screenshots of the construction site at set intervals and send you high-resolution images of the perpetrators when something goes wrong. If you invest in a powerful drone, it can even live stream the footage of your site  

4. Exoskeletons 

Exoskeletons may not be true robots, but assist human workers with robotic strength and dexterity. It’s a metallic frame that’s powered by a battery and has hydraulic attachments for smooth movement. A person wears this suit to take on more dangerous tasks at the site, whether it’s lifting heavy loads or dealing with high-voltage cables. When builders and contractors use exoskeletons, they can minimize site injury significantly and protect their workers from harm. 

5. Bricklaying robots

Bricklaying robots can also minimize repetitive tasks and move at breakneck speeds to create new homes. These robots usually look like a crane with a human operator. The human operator uses the robot’s stabilization system and brick delivery system to lay the bricks systematically and create a brand-new wall within minutes. Autonomous versions of these robots also come with control systems that analyse the structure of the wall and chunk it into useful data to plan out the coordinates of brick placements. 

As these robots undergo multiple stages of development and gain broader acceptance, it will lead to reduced construction costs. This, in turn, will result in more affordable costs when building a custom home. 

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