Russian Universities and Their Features with Advanced Facilities 

As we all know MBBS is one of the top-ranked courses around the world. MBBS i.e. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.  For a brighter future in the field of a doctorate, the full dedication of students or candidates is required and the right guidance from the faculty or staff is also required.

There are so many well-developed countries around the world that give high-quality education in the doctorate field. As everyone knows area wise Russia is the largest country in the world. So Russia has so many big and highly ranked universities that have highly skilled professors, faculty, and staff that provide all the required support to the candidate’s career in the field of MBBS. The tuition fees are also too affordable which helps those students who can’t afford to pay university course fees at once and those also whose background is financially weak.

As we are talking about countries in the world that give medical programs or MBBS courses with a high quality of education, a few of them are Canada, Russia, the UK, the U.S.A, etc. There are so many highly ranked or high-quality MBBS course-providing institutions in Russia. Some of those universities in Russia are:

  1. a) Northern State Medical University
  2. b) Siberian State Medical University
    c) Tver State Medical University
  3. d) Crimea Federal University

MBBS in Russia is the perfect place to visit or to complete their medical program or MBBS course. It also helps those students who want to study in MBBS programs outside their own country as they are not satisfied with their country’s education system or those students who want to study MBBS abroad.

About Northern State Medical University

The University was founded in 1932 in Arkhangelsk. The University provides medical education or an MBBS program at an affordable tuition fee. The university is an NMC (National Medical Commission) and International Medical Education Directory (IMED) recognized. Northern State is also approved by the WHO (World Health Organization)

The university offers a 6-year MBBS program with a 1-year internship program including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, etc. University provides highly skilled professors, faculty, and staff to the students or candidates that provide the right guidance to the individual’s career which makes them one of the best doctorates in the world. University provides online classes also which helps those students whose accommodation is too far from the Northern State Medical University.

Founded in the year: 1932

Medium of Education: English

Annual Tuition Fees: 4,53,699 INR

Accreditation: NMC, IMED, and WHO

Admission Criteria in college: NEET Qualified

Students Trained in the year: 4K to 6K Annually

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About Siberian State Medical University

The Siberian State Medical University was founded in 1878 in the city of Tomsk, Russia. The university provides high-quality MBBS programs and training to all international students, especially Indian Students. English is the preferred language or main language in the University for Education. 6100 USD is the yearly fee for Siberian State Medical University. The world ranking of the university is 3799th and in the country, it is 76th.

The university was recognized or approved by the NMC (National Medical Commission), MCI (Medical Council of India), and WHO(World Health Organization). University has very affordable tuition fees that help those students or aspirants who can’t afford to pay fees at once. The scholarship is also provided every year to the students which help those students whose background is financially weak. Extracurricular activities provided to the students like debates, quizzes, laboratory classes, etc to the students that help students to make their mind fresh

Founded in the year: 1878

Medium of Education: English

Annual Tuition Fees: 6100 USD

Accreditation: NMC, MCI, and WHO

Admission Criteria in college: NEET Qualified

Students Trained in the year: 40,000+

Country Ranking: 76th

World Ranking: 3799th

About Tver State Medical University

The Tver State Medical University was founded in 1902. Further, the university starts medical programs for the students. Tver State Medical University was approved by WHO(World Health Organization) and NMC(National Medical Commission). This university is the best choice for students to study MBBS in Russia. It provides all the required guidance from the faculty side which makes students career or says make their future in the right direction.

University has high-quality well furnished classrooms for the aspirants, hostels, clean sanitization, mess, and canteen facilities, etc. This university has so many highly skilled professors, faculty, and staff that have a highly supportive nature towards the students which motivates students to do their best in their medical field.

Founded in: 1902

Medium of Education: English

Annual Tuition Fees: 2,62,760 RUB

Accreditation: WHO and NMC approved

Admission Criteria: NEET Qualified

Students Trained: 500+

Country Ranking: 64th

World Ranking: 3080th

Admission Process in the Russian Universities

  1. a) Registration of the candidate
  2. b) Admission Process
  3. c) Letter of Recommendation/ Provide Admission Letter
  4. d) Documentation
  5. e) Letter of Invitation
  6. f) Visa formalities
  7. g) Ticketing and departure

Eligibility Criteria for admission in Russian Universities


NEET Exam needs to qualify for taking admission in the Tver State Medical University.


  1. a) In the 12th class board exam 50% marks are required.
  2. b) For reserved category candidates or students 40% marks are required.
  3. c) The main subjects in the 12th class board examination are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


For admission, 17 is the minimum age required and those students are also eligible who complete 17 by 31 December of the Admission year.

Documents Required for Admission to Russian Universities

  1. a) Marksheet of 10th and 12th class
  2. b) Original Passport of the candidate
  3. c) NEET scorecard of the candidate
  4. d) HIV Report of the Candidate
  5. e) Passport size Photographs
  6. f) Covid-19 Report of the candidate (Negative)

Hence, talking about the MBBS program if someone wants to be a successful doctorate degree holder then Russian Universities are the perfect choice. As mentioned above Russian Universities provide high quality education to the students who are looking to do MBBS program at an affordable tuition fees or low cost and to those also who want to do MBBS abroad.