Things to Know about the Saya Homes Water Contaminated News

Consuming or using contaminated water can have adverse effects on our health. The same issue is now faced by the people living in the posh Saya Homes society located in Ghaziabad. Yes, we are talking about the Indirapuram news about Saya Gold Avenue wherein people are dealing with water contamination and water crisis issues. As per the reports, water got contaminated due to the closely attached sewage line. As soon as the authorities of Saya Homes got to know about the situation, they stopped the water supply of houses. Even though this immediate step prevented the consumption of contaminated water in the households, it brought a water crisis in the apartments.

What Saya Homes is Doing to Handle the Situation?

Being a responsible service provider in this domain, Saya Homes never takes anything for granted. When it comes to issues such as water contamination and water crisis, how they can sit idle? As soon as they learned about these problems, they appointed a team to keep a check on everything.

Before this, they released a statement in the Indirapuram News about Saya Gold Avenue’s ongoing situation. According to the spokesperson of the group, we are well aware of the situation and problems that our people facing in this society. Our team is keeping a close check on everything so that their outputs help us fix the issues promptly.

Besides, they have shared the details about the measures they are taking to tackle the Saya Homes water crisis and contamination:

·   The very first thing that they did was – cut off the power supply from the pipelines that were reported contaminated. We have stopped the water supply that was done by the contaminated or affected pipelines. Yes, we knew that a water crisis would happen after cutting off the supply, but we only had this option to prevent the hazardous effects of the situation, particularly health-related concerns.

·    Not getting a water supply ended up in a water crisis. People are lacking drinking water. To manage this problem primarily, the authorities of Saya Homes are providing easy access to clean and safe drinking water to each family. For this, they are giving Bisleri water bottles every day. As per the reports and statement released, Saya Homes is supplying around 1000-1500 bottles daily. However, this is not a fixed number. The supply will increase as the demand rises.

·    We know that drinking water alone is not enough. Hence, we are making efforts to provide residents with water tankers so that daily needs such as bathing, washing, etc. For this, Saya Homes is in contact with local suppliers of water tankers. They are also ready to increase the number of tankers whenever needed. To assess the needs and demands, a team of Saya is also on its toes and in touch with residents here.

·      The next step that the builder is taking to manage the Saya Homes water Contaminated issue is sending the samples to the top-rated labs. Some samples have been sent to a Lucknow-based lab. Alongside, they have also sent some water samples to other labs nearby. However, the sample report is still pending but they are hopeful that things will fall in their favor.

·  The main reason behind their confidence is that they have completed the cleaning and chlorination process of each tank. They got a letter from the CMO office after their team assessed the situation and suggested the same. Based on the same, they did the same under the supervision of experts to eliminate further problems.

Further steps discussed in Indirapuram News by Saya Gold Avenue

Even though the above-said steps are taken by the builder to manage the current situation, they have some plans to reduce the risks of water contamination and crisis. These include:

·         First and foremost, the builder has pinpointed some water pipelines to check thoroughly. They have marked them suspected because of the closeness of the DDA’s sewage. However, they have stopped the water supply to prevent any contamination. Additionally, they will also send the water samples of this line to check if it is contaminated or not.

·         They have also started replacing the water filter systems and ROs in each home. Since contaminated water can have adverse effects on these filters, the builder is changing it for free, no matter what brand is installed.

·         By collaborating with local authorities and government, they will conduct educational campaigns to educate people about water safety and preservation. The same will begin once the ongoing issue of Saya Homes water Contaminated and crisis issues are fixed.


Saya Homes has always come out strongly whenever something happens. When Indirapuram News about the Saya Gold Avenue came to the notice, a sort of hustle was created. However, the builder is working 24/7 to manage the condition so that things can be normalized.

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