SecureKin App: Best Monitoring App for All Times


Kids are exposed to technology and smart tools at an early age. It has both positive and negative effects. Early exposure can help them learn about the latest information and groom them according to the latest trends. But at the same time, exposure to digital issues like cyberbullying, stalking, blackmailing, fraud, etc., can make things worse for both the kids and the parents as well. To ensure kid’s safety both online and offline, parents can rely on the SecureKin app.

What is SecureKin Parental Control App:

The SecureKin app is an advanced version of a monitoring tool that comes under parental control. The app is specially designed to ensure the parents have access to all the life activities of the kids and nothing remains hidden or secret. In case of any emergency or unforeseen situation, the app immediately lets the parents know about the kids.

Features of SecureKin:

The SecureKin app is one simple solution to all the problems parents face. The app needs physical access to the kid’s cell phone for installation. Once the app is installed, it notifies the parents about each activity of the kids. Top-class features offered by the app are as follows. 

Real-Time Location

Real-time location feature reports about the live location of the kids to the parents. You can know if they are actually at school or wandering outside. The feature is best to assure the safety and security of the kids. Not just that, in case of any emergency, with real-time access to the location, the parents will know where to go. 


Block all the unwanted content from the kid’s device using the web filtering feature. With SecureKin, making sure that the kids only watch positive stuff online is very simple and easy, thanks to the web-filtering feature.  

Browsing History

Find out about all the web content your kid loves using the track internet browsing history feature. The feature is best to know about the online interests of the kids. 

Screen Time

Screen time is another excellent feature offered by the SecureKin app. The app saves the screen activities in the form of screenshots. All the app log data is saved on a cloud-based app, and only parents can access the data using the login information. 

Activity Report

Get detailed activity reports of what happens on the kid’s device and determine if they are in trouble. The complete activity report even lets the parents know about the social media companies and digital communication of the kids. Know if they are getting addicted to any app or bullied by anyone and take necessary action. 

App Block

Block any unwanted app with the SecureKin app block feature and make the digital environment safe and secure for the kids. It is one of the best features for worried parents who have no control whatsoever of the installed app list of their kids. In this way, they can simply block the content and app remotely without letting the kids know. 

Location History

Parents who are always concerned about their kid’s location and movement can use the feature to be at peace. The location history feature saves the whereabouts history record for the parents, making it possible for them to know about hidden hangout places of the kids. 


Keylogger app offers access to the keypad activities of the kids to the parents. You can know what language the kids use in the chat history, the latest status updates, digital accounts, credentials, email history, search bar history, and more.

User Experience:

Even though many apps are available in the market, the best one is that which has satisfied the customers. Many parents have good experience with the SecureKin app and appreciate the services. 

Mr Richards: “I have been using the app for about three months and am more than satisfied with the services. It makes parenting much more fun and easy.”

Mr Leonard: “My wife introduced me to this amazing app that offers complete remote access to the kids’ lives through the smart gadget. At first, I was reluctant to invest my time and money in the app, but once I started using it, I was amazed by the wonderful features. My favorite one is the location tracking feature”.

Give the app a try and turn your stressful life into a happier one. 

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