Trustworthy Solution to Shift Apple Mail Mailbox to MS Outlook Edition

Introduction: The process of importing files from Apple Mail to Outlook is intricate due to the differing mailbox types employed by these email clients. As each client uses a distinct mailbox format to store data, a direct connection between the mailbox files is not feasible for the immediate use of emails.

Apple Mail, the default email client for Mac operating systems, employs the MBOX file format for storing emails. While many users opt for Apple Mail as their primary email application, it is considered basic compared to the robust email client integrated into the Microsoft Office suite—Microsoft Outlook, which utilizes the PST file format for data storage.

This guide is designed to walk you through the transition from Mac Mail to Outlook, focusing primarily on the Mac platform but also providing a solution applicable to Windows. Let’s delve into the methods.

How to Import Apple Mail to Outlook

Methods for importing emails from Apple Mail to Outlook fall into two categories:

  1. Manual Method: Complex but Generally Free
  2. Professional Solution: Automated with No Risk of Data Loss

Detailed explanations of each method are provided below.

Enhancing Your Migration Experience

An effective automated solution not only safeguards against data loss during file transfers but also streamlines the entire process, making it seamless and efficient. The key lies in selecting a reliable solution. Introducing the tried-and-tested Softaken Mac MBOX Converter, trusted by thousands of users globally.

This exceptional application facilitates the conversion of Mac Mail MBOX files into the Outlook-compatible PST format. The resulting PST file can be effortlessly imported into all the latest Outlook versions, including Outlook 2021, 2019, 2017, 2013, and 2010. It ensures the preservation of attachments and email properties throughout the conversion process.

Professional Tool: Softaken Apple Mail to Outlook PST Converter

Here, we outline the usage of the software to import Apple Mail to Outlook on the Windows system. If you are transitioning to Windows, you can employ the software designed for Windows.

  • Launch the converter on your Windows system.
  • Click the “Add Files” button and browse the MBOX file(s) you wish to move to Outlook. If you are unfamiliar with MBOX files, right-click on the mailbox in Apple Mail and choose the “Export mailboxes” option to save the emails in MBOX format.
  • Once added, select “PST” as the export option and configure additional settings as needed.
  • Click the “Export” button to initiate the conversion of Apple Mail files to PST.
  • After obtaining the PST file, import it into Microsoft Outlook using the Import/Export wizard on Windows or the Import menu option on Mac, based on your operating system.

That’s it! Your Mac mailboxes are now accessible within your Outlook application.

Step 2: Import Apple Mail into Outlook manually.

While the manual method could have been simpler if Microsoft Outlook supported direct MBOX file imports, it unfortunately does not. The workaround involves IMAP configuration and the creation of a new Gmail account. Follow these steps:

  • Create a new Gmail account.
  • In Gmail settings, enable the IMAP option.
  • Open Mac Mail, go to Preferences, and add the new Gmail account.
  • Copy all mailbox data from Apple Mail to this Gmail account.
  • Open Outlook, configure the same Gmail account, and all Mac Mail emails will appear in Outlook.


While this manual method provides a solution, it may be challenging for non-technical users. Professional solutions, like Softaken software, offer inherent advantages over manual methods, ensuring a smooth transition without the risk of data loss. We recommend using Apple Mail to Outlook conversion on Windows OS. Whether on Mac or Windows, you’ll obtain a Unicode PST file compatible with all working Outlook versions on both operating systems. This concludes our guide on importing Mac Mail to Outlook. For queries, use the comment section or reach out directly to the support team.

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