Shiva Tour And Natural Hot Pool: Shiva Residence

Kheerganga Tour is located in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, 3,500 meters above sea level.  In addition, hikers’ eyes can also enjoy breathtaking views of mountains, waterfalls, mountain animals, and oaks and cedars. This trail reveals some of the most fascinating places, such as the Rudra Nag waterfall and the Shiv temple.

A peaceful trip to Kheerganga

Walking to the magical Parvati valley still seems like a dream. This is a place I want to keep a secret, because I can’t help but imagine majestic valleys, goats, lush green mountains, and tranquil oak fosts.

My journey to Kheerganga started when I took my little sister and took a taxi from Paharganj in Delhi to Kasol. After 12 hours of arduous travel and 550 kilometers, we finally reached the Castle. But we prefer to move to the nearby town of Tosh, which is one of the favorite destinations for young people.

At the restaurant in Sasi, we ate Aaloo parathas and then moved on. We passed through the countryside and reached the beautiful town of Tosh, but we had no way.

We want to rest as much as possible on the first day. In the evening, at the nearby Amsterdam cafe, you can enjoy the local bazaar, local food and coffee. We played badminton with local girls, gave girls chocolates, and clicked on various photos. After a day of hard work and shaking in Tosh’s smoke, the villagers sat together.

The exciting Kheerganga trek, surrounded by dense greenery, began the next day in Barshaini. The Parvati River and the Tosh River converge. They are also a meeting point. 10 o’clock in the morning. We arrived at base camp. At Prem Cafe, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast. From there we walk through the beautiful scenery and enjoy the wonderful natural scenery. We passed several wooden bridges, small waterfalls, and villages.

On our DSLR, we all took some amazing photos. After two hours of moderate walking, we reached Rudra Nag and stopped to admire the beauty of nature. It is considered one of the main tourist attractions in the Parvati Valley. This meandering waterfall. Here we met a local who told us that other towns like Calga, Pulga and Turga have it too. He said that a very powerful demon, Tadkasura, defeated Deva’s thousands of years ago. Then the gods visited Brahma and asked Mahdwi to praise them. It was Mahadev who told them “I will reincarnate and marry Lord Shiva soon, and the offspring will be the losers of the devil.”

Then we continued our ascent for 3 hours. This trail is quite a difficult climb. We follow the marks on the tree. At least five times, my sister asked me the same question: “How long do we have to walk a day?” Surprisingly, before he asked the same question again, we suddenly saw one that said “Welcome to Kheerganga” symbols of. The green grass of

Kheerganga is right in front of us. Unexpectedly, we stored the bags in the tent and then went to the hot spring for a refreshing bath. The fatigue of the journey was wiped out. The pool was separated by men and women.

Later we visited the cave of Kartikeya and prayed to Lord Kartikeya. The excellent climate, magnificent picturesque landscapes, green forests, friendly people, and healing water from the hot springs made our trip worthwhile. We stayed one night at Kheerganga camp.

We woke up the next morning and saw a beautiful sunrise. After bathing again in the sacred thermal pool, we followed the same path towards Kheerganga to Kasol. For me, this was a mysterious hike, which brought a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

Best time to visit

Kheerganga can be visited from Kasol from March to June or from October to November. The atmosphere of this place is calm all year round. The climate is good, with temperatures ranging between 15 and 22 ° C in summer and between 3 and 10 ° C in winter.  At the restaurant in Sasi, we ate Aaloo parathas and then moved on. We passed through the countryside and reached the beautiful town of Tosh, but we had no way.