Significance of Intellectual Property in Business

Your company’s IP can be worth more than your tangible properties, whether it be trademarks, business secrets or simply employee know-how. Intellectual property agents must consider the dark powers who want to obtain this knowledge from your organization to make it useful.

What is Intellectual Property?

IP will range from a specific production process to a product launch schema, to a trading secret such as a chemicals formulation or the list of countries that file your patents. It can help to consider the knowledge as intangible.

It can help. IP innovations, literary and artistic compositions, marks, titles, pictures and patterns used in trade are the official concept of IP of the World Intelligence Organization.

Intellectual property in Dubai

Two groups are divided into IP: The patents for inventions, trade names, industrially constructed designs and geographical markings include but are not limited to intellectual property.

Literary works such as books, poems, plays, movies, songs and creative works, such as diagrams, sketches, portraits, sculptures, websites and architectural designs shall be subject to copyright.

Copyright rights cover performance artists, monogram makers of their albums, and radio and television stations.

Many Companies offer services in the sector of Intellectual property in Dubai. You must know how this help your business and growth.

Why Do You Need Intellectual Property Rights?

If your IP is hacked by nĂ©’er-do-well, it’s difficult to apprehend them, it’s hard to prosecute them, and it’s usually tough to get the stolen information back into your pocket. A little anxiety, since people are just trying to kill you, is very helpful. For this reason, it is necessary to participate in the IP protection for the CSO, CISO and CRO. Take these actual examples into account.

  • An engineer had a daily lunch with an ex-boss who now worked with a competitor, creating a hero for strategic intelligence. In exchange, knowledge given up led to the loss of three big tenders in 14 months by the employer, formerly an industry leader.
  • Eastern European scientists serving on the US security have been unwelcomed to speak in conferences or act as pay-per-view consultants from their home countries. They were invited to share knowledge about their work with colleagues, as scientists. Countries regarded this sort of intelligence collection as cheaper than R&D.

How To Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights?

Know Your Intellectual Property

If all workers appreciate what must be protected, how to protect it and from whom to defend it best understands them. CSOs must consult with managers who supervise intellectual resources on an ongoing basis. Meet at least once a quarter with the CEO, COO and the HR, sales, law, production and development members. Corporate management must work together to secure IP properly.

Intellectual Property Location

You can miss other places where it can be stored or processed if you concentrate your attention on your core IT systems to protect your IP. Including:

Scanners, printers and fax machines: All the records they handle are stored on the input/output computers which are usually networked and linked to remote control systems. Appropriate protocols and processes must be in place to purge and secure these records from unwanted access.


Over the years, France, China, Latin America and the former soviet Union have been famous for their widespread and even encouraging industrial spy as a means to boost the economies of the region.