Hacks To Slay Every Occasion With Basic Styling

Do you have a doubt in mind about what to wear on occasion? Are you looking for some vital hacks that will make you look stunning by carrying your basic attire? Then you are at the right place. Because we are going to some awesome hacks, following them can make your style statement more pleasant and exquisite. 


A simple dress can make your day picture-perfect for a schematic background if carried in the right way. If you are heading to a date or a party, just wear any of your loose wardrobe dresses, preferably a bold color such as black or orange, and team it up with a webbing belt tied up above the waist with the buckle up front. It will surely enhance the vogue among you. 


If you have old sandals in your closet, it is better to take them off and give them your personal touch. For instance, gather some pretty white laces and stick them to your heels. It is better to choose a solid color heel such as red or blue to complement the delicate lace pieces and enhance the beauty with a simple touch.  


Choosing suitable jewelry can perfectly elevate your style. Like many of the celebs and fashion icon does. You can simply pick up an exquisite neckpiece or earrings and wear them with any outfit keeping the makeup light to show off jewelry gracefully. 

More significant jewelry pieces can go well with shoulder cut-off tops and mini. And neckline necklace will be an excellent fit for a dress or maxi. Just play with your imagination and creativity to show elegance.

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You don’t need an expensive hair transformation for shining on any occasion; a simple hairdo by you can do the job. For instance, if you are going for a party casual, team up a versatile top with a denim jacket and curl your hair for a seamless look. Similarly, a formal style will look superior on straight hair.


If you are not convinced to show off your shoulders, you can try covering up your beautiful self-using a long jacket or blazer. For example, a coat over a short body blouse will look elegant and can become a ready-to-go party wear attire in just seconds. Just select proper measurements according to your body type for the prime outcome.


Who says that bandanas can only be wearable at specific times? Covering your neck with a bandana will add a unique charm to your style game and also eliminate the need for a necklace.

Moreover, you can also tie up your ponytail using a bandana or provide your handbag a personality by wrapping it up around the handles. 


You can even give your daily attire a distinctive look by just layering a long scarf above your dress or long shirt. Like many of us does on winter days. For more improvisation, tie up the scarf with a belt along the waist to give it a more of a shrug look.


Besides the clothing, accessories can really boost up the overall look. For example, you can team up a cross-body bag with a crop top or dress, and shades with a stripes dress. The possibilities are endless that just need a little fashion sense to make it work.


Admit it. Without bottoms, girls might end up in hell. Whether it is pants, skirts, or shorts, teaming them up with different tops or short body cuts can enrich the personality and bold look. 

One-color splash

The best way to outshine without any heavy or expensive embellish outfits is to carry a one-color suit from top to bottom. For example, you can try teaming up various styles of pieces in black color or any shade of your choice and see yourself in the mirror for justified results. 

Keep the right colors

Sometimes all the things are proper, but the color mix can ruin your beautiful self. So try to incorporate colors that will indulge smoothly with each other. Observe various fashion icons and bloggers and take inspiration from them for ingenious results. 

Also, put on shades according to the outside temperature and weather. Therefore, pick up seasonal colors outfits according to your body tone for a solid appearance. 

Wearing something that suits you is essential, but the outfit should give you comfort, and a scene of relaxation is more vital. So try to pick up the proper attire according to your personality and desire to make it look more promising. On the other hand if you want to save on your purchase then checkout Revounts. The site offer deals and coupon codes for most of your favorite brands.