Slurry Pump Solutions

What are OEM Slurry Pump Solutions and Abrasion Technologies’ official site? How many employees are employed in OEM Slurry Pump and Abrasion Technologies? Do the products described in the website and video presentations by Robert G. Johnson (chief executive officer and managing partner) and David S. Lo (vice president and general manager) appear to be accurate? These are only some of the questions that should be asked in this article. Let us now see how this website and video presentations are deceiving regarding the truth about the product and company.

There is no website or video presentation that shows Robert G. Johnson discussing the advantages of the company’s slurry pump solutions. In fact, there is only one page about the company’s website and the entire site is about the pumping services for sludge and slurry control. There is no information on the history of the company or the nature of its operations. This means that this company has neither been in the business of pumping sludge for oil nor does it have any plans to do so.

There is no mention of the various types of machines, technologies or sizes used for wet milling. There is no description about the various pumping methods and sizes used for wet milling. There is also no mention of any pumping solutions or pumping machines in the website or on the company’s videos. The descriptions of the pump equipment’s do not indicate any potential pumping problems with the said equipment’s. There is no detailed information about the maintenance or repair record of the slurry pump solutions. The website and video presentations do not show any service history of the company’s machines and technicians.

The company’s only contact information is the toll free number. There is no faxing or e-mailing facility. There is no physical plant or premises identified to be used as well as no contact information available as far as the location, technical support and emergency numbers are concerned. The only contact information provided is the toll free number used for making payments.

All these factors indicate that this company advertises pumps manufactured by another company. Though this may seem to be acceptable for buyers, since it would mean a competitive price, you should remember that there are many other companies that manufacture slurry pump solutions and pump bearings assemblies and you should not buy from a manufacturer who does not have any other competitor nearby. This practice will reduce your chances of obtaining quality solutions at affordable prices. You would have to negotiate with many other manufacturers to get quality slurry pump bearings assemblies at low costs.

You can also do proper research about the market price of these products. With the advancement of technology, there are more companies manufacturing different types of slurry pumps and the competition in the market has increased. Thus, it is not difficult to get slurry pump solutions at low costs. You just need to make sure that you choose the right type of bearing assembly to suit your needs at reasonable prices.

There are many questions related to slurry pump maintenance, which you should be aware of. The most important question is – how long do the slurry pump components last? They last up to 40 years or so. Are there any special slurry pump lubricants available for lubrication?

The other important question is – what type of bearing assembly should you get? Do you need any extra lubrication? Is it better to opt for metal or plastic? You can find answers to all your queries from online sites that provide information on different slurry pump products. You can also visit various industrial sites to get information on various products and their specifications.