Smart and Effective Ways to Use Professional Business Cards

Networking in person is one of the perfect ways to make a new contact and a professional business card will help you with it. With digital printing, you can even get affordable business cards. But you should know the best ways to use your business cards.

So, here are the top creative professional business cards that your potential customers would like to keep.

Use Them As Loyalty Cards

It has been seen that most people like collecting points that will lead to get some rewards. So, you need to encourage your customers to be a part of the loyalty program and a business card will allow them to be rewarded by you. With wallet-size professional business card printing, you can keep the brand information visible while helping your customers collect the points.

Use Them as Coupons

You can invite the customers to redeem an offer with the card when they visit your store next or buy from you. Another option is to include a promo code. It will help in encouraging your customers to come back for more. You can place the luxury business cards with discount codes on the counter with the receipt or inside the shopping bag to ensure that your customers can see them.

Use Them as the Appointment Cards

In case you are a service provider, you might have to schedule meetings with clients. You can use appointment cards are pocket-size reminders for handing out to your clients and offering them the information they need about your business. Just leave space to fill in the time, date, and location of the next meeting at the back of the card or on the side.

Use Them as Raffle Tickets

You can easily add a custom perforation to the luxury business cards and use them as raffle ballots. Place a unique number on the business card. Put them on the main portion, as well as the tear-able tab portion of the card. Thereafter, you can identify the winner and then announce the unique number at the time of the draw. It will encourage attendees to hold the professional business cards until the draw is complete.

Tips to Use the Business Cards Effectively

Learning the smart ways of luxury business card printing is not enough, you also need to know how to use it effectively. Here are some tips that can help with it-

  1. Give Them Out Liberally

It is not a time when you go stingy on your resources. But you shouldn’t come across as self-serving, too. If you express interest in the people, you are meeting, handing out these cards whenever you can, is not a bad thing.

Do not over think things or be choosy about handing out your business cards. Even if you do not pass them out as a dealer at a casino table but you shouldn’t be too shy, either. Regardless of how much you have paid for your cards, they are largely worthless.

You need to go out there and meet a few people.

2. Ask for a Card in Return

The thing that you need to keep in mind when networking is it is all about you. If you are only there for yourself, you might not be able to go much far in your business.

When it comes to networking, you need to offer value to others. You need to keep the requirements of your customers at the forefront. Help your contact solve their problems and they are going to reciprocate in response.

So, instead of just pushing the business cards into the hands of everyone you meet and walking away, you should ask for their card in return.

Always Follow Up

You need to follow up with the connections you made at the networking event. If you reach out to the contacts days after the meet up, you might not be able to make a good impression. Build relationships and make efforts to help others.