Smart Strategies To Enhance Privacy In Your New Custom Home

You are about to build a new custom home or ready to move into one. Have you thought about privacy while designing your new home? Whether it’s to keep prying eyes from peeking into your property or for a little seclusion from your family members, privacy becomes a paramount need that’s not addressed very often.

Whether you are about to build a new Lakeview home in Shuswap or want to add more privacy to your existing home, there are several modifications that can be added to enhance privacy. You can modify the design of your home or renovate it later on.

Privacy modifications for custom homes from the best residential builders:

· Modify Your Windows

Windows allows everyone to peer into your home and that’s the first place you should start for adding privacy. However, covering up the windows should be your last option. You don’t need to compromise light for privacy. Instead, you can switch the regular glass on your windows with frosted panels. That way, you get beautiful diffused light inside your home while outsiders see a blur.

Frosted panels don’t need to be limited to windows either. You can use it for the shower, as room dividers and more. Reach out to construction companies in BC to add these plans to your custom home. If frosted panels are an expensive option, you can opt for window films that are cheaper and available in all kinds of styles and patterns. 

If you’re prepared to compromise on light, consider adding shutters, blackout curtains or blinds. When you cut off light completely, it can also help to keep your home cooler and lower your energy bill. Most people prefer to choose the middle ground with sheer curtains and adjustable shutters that allow you to control the amount of light you want inside.

· Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens provide an excellent way to enhance both the privacy and beauty of your home, they are highly flexible and are limited only by your imagination. You can use them to create a green wall that looks gorgeous, smells nice and helps to create a private space. Inside your home, you can use planters and arrange them on shelves to create a privacy barrier. Use it to define the work and entertainment space in your living room.

You can also use vertical gardens in your yard or fence your property with them. You can define the patio in your yard with vertical gardens. Create a metal mesh wall and hang planters on it. Otherwise, you can also use climbers like ivy or fast-growing plants like bamboo to create a privacy screen. If you’re looking to add value to yourSalmon Arm real estate, consider creating privacy fences with Yews, Privets or even blueberry bushes. That way you can add privacy to your home and pick fresh berries in the morning to make a delicious breakfast.

· Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are another incredible option for adding privacy to your home. While acoustic panels are the norm in recording studios and movie theatres and are usually attached to walls, you can also use tall panels to create dividers. These panels can create barriers that can divide the space inside various rooms while also keeping the noise at bay. Some brands manufacture modular panels that can be unfolded and stacked to create a  tiny isolated space within the room. That way, this can be a temporary solution when you want some quiet and peace while working or meditating.

· Use Smart Security Systems

Smart technology is everywhere and you can leverage them to add privacy to your home. For instance, you can add a smart lock system that unlocks your biometric data and can’t be tampered with by regular means. These systems usually come with other sensors and cameras that record footage after detecting movement.

Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood that doesn’t require such systems, these act as deterrents and keep malicious people away. Camera-enabled security systems also reduce package theft and discourage people from attempting unauthorized break-ins. Some systems are even advanced enough to inform the local authorities with pictures or video footage of intruders. Think of smart security systems as a powerful deterrent that also boosts privacy. Hindbo Construction Group Inc. is an award-winning home builder in BC that helps you add these systems to your new custom home right from the designing phase. Enhancing privacy within your home not only bolsters security but also fosters a greater sense of comfort. Employ the above-mentioned tips to transform your residence into a tranquil sanctuary for ultimate relaxation and peace.

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