Smart Tips on How to Get Rid of Termites at Home

No matter where you live, termite invasion is something that you can experience. Out of all pests out there, termites are known to do the most damage. That is the main reason why you should ensure that it never reaches that point. If you are worried that you might be facing an infestation, here are some of the best ways you can get rid of them before they do undoable damage. 

Exterminating Termites with Boric Acid

One of the most popular ways you can exterminate them is by using something called Boric Acid. This is a great natural positive that will also preserve your wood. But something that you have to understand is that it will not kill them on contact. When they are ingesting, it will prevent them from being able to pull nutrients from other food that they are eating, which will cause them to starve and die. Even though it is a natural way of killing them, make sure that you are keeping it away from kids and pets as it can be toxic to them. If you are using it inside of your home, make sure that you are diluting it, but if you are using it on the outside, it can be used without diluting. It is best that you use it once per week until you see that there are no more signs of them. 

Exterminating Termites with Cayenne Pepper

Another very natural way you can exterminate them is by using cayenne pepper. We all have it in our pantries. While it is super delicious in a pot of chilli, it is the worst nightmare for termites. That is mainly because cayenne pepper has an active chemical called capsaicin which makes it spicy and hot. If you have a small termite problem, you can sprinkle the pepper where they come usually. But if you don’t want to sprinkle pepper around your house, you can make a paste out of vegetable oil and pepper. It usually takes about a week until you can start noticing the results. Just like with other tactics of killing termites, ensure you keep it out of pets and kids’ reach. Even though it can cause death, it can cause serious issues and damage if touched or consumed. 

Professional Pest Control Services

If you haven’t noticed that you have a termite problem and are dealing with an infestation that is ruining your home, the best thing you can do is call a professional. Firstly, they will do a termite inspection to determine all the entry points and colony types and create a treatment plan that will best suit your issue. When it comes to exterminating termites, it is always most effective to have professional equipment, products and years of experience. 

A Cardboard Bait System 

If you are looking for the most natural way possible, creating the cardboard bait system is the way to go. Even though it doesn’t sound like it would work, eliminating them is a great option. The simplest method is placing cardboard in the most infested areas. It works, so they eat the cardboard instead of the floors. While they are eating the cardboard, you should take it outside and burn it. This will destroy the termites that are trapped on the inside of the cardboard. 

Exterminating Termites with Vinegar 

Another very successful method of killing termites without having to fill your home with toxic chemicals. All you need to do is combine a half cup of vinegar with two lemons. Then you will want to put that mixture in a bottle and spray it over the infected areas. It will work best if you spray it directly onto the actual termites. Just like most natural remedies, it will need a couple of tries until it starts making a difference. 

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Exterminating Termites with Salt 

If you are facing a smaller infection, the best way to get rid of them and stop them from coming again is by using salt. Even though salt might seem harmless, it will kill termites. Consuming a lot of salt will cause them to get dehydrated and die. All you need to do is combine warm water and salt into equal parts and put it on any exit points you’ve discovered or directly onto the space. If you want to be more precise, you can use a syringe to inject the mixture into the desired spots. The more salt you add to the mixture, the faster it will work as it will be more potent. 

As you can see, there are many ways you can get rid of termites on your own. But if you notice that there are more termites and you cannot get rid of them, make sure that you are hiring professionals. At the end of the day, it is always safer to have a professional take a look at your problem and recommend a solution than to let the infestation escalate.