Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Did you know the solar system consists of two components: solar panels and the inverter? Now these two are mandatory components but there is another component that you can utilise for maximum advantage. Weather is unpredictable, you never know when a sunny day turns into a stormy day and you miss the sun for a few days straight. Now in such conditions, solar battery storage comes to your rescue!

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage as the name suggests is simply a storage for solar energy. When the solar panels produce the solar energy, the energy gets stored in the storage since all the energy produced does not get used right then. This stored energy can be used afterwards, whenever you want. Most popular solar battery storages are manufactured by the renowned company Tesla.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

No Noise Pollution

When you need a backup, you think of a generator. Backup generators are for electricity of course, now these generators are unusually and disturbingly loud and create tons of noise pollution. However when you are in a situation where there is an electricity blackout, you have no option but to use the generator, right? Wrong! You don’t have to use generators if you have a solar system inclusive of solar battery storage. Needless to say, solar battery storages do not make any noise whatsoever and the power your appliances and whole house just as efficiently as a generator.

solar battery storage


When there is a blackout and you haven’t seen the sun in days. Or your roof is covered in snow and you have no options left, solar battery storage will be there for you as your backup. Depending on the capacity of the solar battery storage you can easily go days without constant new solar energy generation through solar panels, you can simply live off of the energy stored in the battery storage.

Power Security

When you have a backup ready to jump in for you, you have security. You don’t have to worry about stormy days or having to get energy from the grid because you can simply use your own stored energy. Solar battery storages provide you with exceptional power security.

Save Money

When you don’t have solar battery storage you have to worry about having to buy extra energy needed from the grid whenever you are out of energy because of weather or any other such reason but with the battery storage you don’t have to think about that possibility. What’s more, when you buy energy from the grid you pay a lot, but when you sell it back you get very little. Which means that having your own solar battery storage will assure you that you don’t have to buy electricity from the grid and you never have to spend money for energy once the system is installed and running.

Lastly, if you are already a solar system user and you are thinking about getting solar storage, make sure that you choose the best and compatible storage system. In addition, having a solar storage system is always a good idea whether you have a 7kW solar system in Melbourne or a 30kW solar system! Solar battery storage is worth it regardless of which system you have.

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