Interesting things about Solotica contact lenses that you should know about

solotica contact lenses

Solotica contact lenses are the topmost fashion trend in the fashion world nowadays. For the past many years, it has been seen that a woman is beautiful only if she has fair skin, thin waist, and blue eyes. Now that this trend is breaking, you can be beautiful as you are, or you can also try different eye colors with Solotica lenses, which are the pigmented lenses to feel beautiful for yourself. There are many fabulous colors available in these lenses, and you can choose any shade you like according to your outfits or personality. Now, the fascination of having such fantastic contact lenses is enough for us to explore them further.

Solotica will be your fashion statement. You can make a collection of their lenses with colors like Aquarella, Hidrocor Monthly, Hidroco Rio, Solflex Natural color, Hidrocor, etc. These colors will become your go-to fashion accessory whenever you want to make a statement. 

Ten fascinating things to know about Solotica contact lenses:

1. Buying pigmented contact lenses:

always contact an eye specialist to see if your eyes are compatible enough to wear contact lenses. It is recommended to buy those Solotica enses, which are ideal for your eye shape. If your eyes are curved from the corner, then buy those lenses made for curved eyes and stay on the iris of your eye and not move around.

2.   Wearing the Solotica contact lenses:

Ensure that you ALWAYS keep your lenses in the contact solution because if there is no solution in the container, then the lenses can dry up and get cracking. The dried lenses can cause constant itchiness and irritate the eyes. Another important reason to keep these lenses wet and in the solution is that they are annual lenses (are expired every year), and they are made of less water content as compared to other types of lenses. Otherwise, they can dry up before the year.

3.   Things that might occur while wearing the lenses:

Whenever you forget to wash hands before applying the lenses or forget to clean the lenses before using, it feels as if some mite is biting your eye. If you want to save your eyes from itchy sensation, it is imperative never to forget how to use these lenses. Solotica contact lenses are sensitive to such touches, which might lead to them getting dirty.

4.   Ordering Solotica contact lenses:

Are you worried that you might not receive the original lenses? Or that you might receive a color that you didn’t order? Then don’t worry because we have a solution. If you have such reservations, then don’t order from a website that is not a certified retailer of these lenses. Always buy from stores that offer original lenses and always confirm from the store (online or outlet) which lens they are sending you and whether or not it is the one you ordered. Always keep the receipt and the order details until you are fully satisfied with the product and its quality.

5.   The resilience of the contact lenses

 Unlike other types of eye lenses, Solotica lenses provide for their lenses for up to a year. Because their lenses are made to last a whole year; however, they sometimes get damaged after six months of use. The reason is that these lenses can last for a year only when they are tackled and kept with care. They should be cleaned appropriately, soaked in contact solution, protected from sunlight and dirt. There is a particular care booklet that comes along the lenses, and it contains all the caring essentials of these lenses, which should be followed strictly (if you want the lenses to last).

6.   Damaged Solotica contact lenses:

there is a high chance of getting your lenses damaged if you don’t handle it with gentle hands. If your lenses get damaged or scratched because they fell down or because your nail cut them, then those lenses shouldn’t be worn again as they can damage the eyes. There is no damage repair policy regarding damaged lenses, and that is why they have to be discarded when they are damaged for the protection of eyes.

7.   Makeup and contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses before applying makeup can permanently damage your eyes. The reason is that there are small particles that can go to your eyes when you are wearing lenses and get stuck on the lenses –causing irritation. It is better not to wear Solotica contact lenses with makeup (because they are more sensitive than other lenses) but, if you do want to wear them, then it is suggested to wear them after you apply all the makeup.

8.   Yearly contact lenses can’t be worn every year:

it is a well-known fact that Solotica offers yearly lenses, but that doesn’t mean that you can wear them every year. They are good for a year, and then they have to be changed because they get worn out with time and can hurt the eyes if not changed. If you want your lenses to last till a whole year in proper condition, soak them in the contact solution, keep them clean, and don’t touch them with dirty hands.

9.   Issues with lenses:

whenever there is an issue with the lens, you should contact Solotica contact lenses company and talk to them about the issue. It doesn’t matter if you wear the lenses every day or every week; if they are irritating even after taking proper care of them, you can tell the issue to the company. They will give you a real idea of what you should do and how to take care of your lenses.

10. Be cautious with the Solotica contact lenses:

there is no doubt that Solotica lenses are the best and the trendiest lenses currently. They are available in many fabulous colors and styles for everyone to use. You should always check the lenses before buying as your eyes are your priority, and their health is more important than anything. Check the lenses before purchasing and buy them only when you are entirely sure of their authenticity and good quality.

Solotica is famous in the fashion industry for the natural colored and amazing contact lenses in the whole market. They are recognized among famous stars like Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez and famous beauty blogs like Huda Beauty and Its Steph Toms.

These lenses are made with the inspiration of Brazil’s fauna and flora; they are famous because they possess full opacity, which covers any eye and any eye color; be it light or dark. They can also be bought without a prescription, as many people want to try new eye colors without having prescription contact lenses.

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