things to know about Sony PlayStation 5 – Review 2021

We’re expecting to hear far more of your thoughts on the Sony PlayStation 5 now that it’s been out for months. However, prior to launch, fans seemed very eager to get their hands on one.

In an Android Authority poll last summer, we asked if folks were more interested in the PS5, Xbox Series X, or happy with another platform such as Switch or PC. An overwhelming 61.9% voted for the PS5 out of nearly 15,000 votes.

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Sony PlayStation 5 design

The Sony PS5 console, as seen in the photo, is upright (but can be placed horizontally) and has a black and white design that matches the new DualSense controller. It should also be noted that there are two versions of the console: the standard console and the thinner digital edition. Both have the same basic design, without the latter having an optical drive.

Both consoles are huge too. These are the largest home consoles ever released and look more like a computer tower in terms of space. Remember this before you buy or you may have to live on the floor in front of the TV.

Although the console comes with a futuristic black and white color scheme, the side panels can be easily removed. Sony has abandoned the idea of ​​custom panels for now (although the company may sell them itself in the future). However, you can buy vinyl skins to give your PS5 a more personalized look.

Another advantage of the new removable panels is that it is much easier to clean the dust from the fans. This should help the console run quiet and cool, especially over time. In our PS5 test, we noticed that the console worked silently, but as the dust increases over time, it can change.

PlayStation 5 driver

The PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense, is the largest project game of any updated PlayStation controller. It features a new futuristic black and white design that is largely compatible with the console itself.

The controller has haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and a set of built-in microphones. It also comes with a USB-C charging port and Sony is replacing the Share button with a new Create button. The DualSense driver includes the console, but you can purchase additional game boards separately for $ 69.99.

Without having the controller in your hands, it is difficult to understand the latest genetic model update. Adaptive triggers offer more or less endurance depending on what you are doing or what is happening in the game. This level of touch control is available in nothing more than high quality racing wheels.

The haptic response also makes a huge difference in how you experience each moment of the game. From the heavy rain to the thunderous footsteps of a powerful monster boss, you can experience the game in a way that could not be done in the past. All new PS5 owners should launch Astro’s Playroom immediately and experience it for themselves.

It should be noted, of course, that not all games support these two features. It’s very likely that many early studios like Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games will add support, but I hope Sony can convince other developers to enable these features in their titles as well.

PS5 interface

Sony has updated the PS5 interface to better serve users with a focus on creating new UX elements. Like the PS4, the PS5 user experience still revolves around the PlayStation button in a dual sense. To access the user screen, tap on startup. But here the similarities end.

Tapping the internal button of the PS game now opens the Control Center. At the bottom is a side-scrolling but detailed menu system that gives users instant access to audio slide controls, a friends list, and more.

The Activities section is a unique addition to the new menu. This is a set of cards that users can shorten at certain levels or adventures in the game. Cards also show progress, while some players also offer tips, tricks, and guides for finding collections or solving difficult challenges. These cards can also be viewed in picture-in-picture mode.

The control center compiles a list of the latest screenshots, PlayStation news, and friends activity. Speaking of the latter, players can also join voice and chat services, view other users ’streams, or join their game directly.

The new home screen is where users go when they first start the console. It now has dedicated media and gaming pages that should differentiate between your boxing and playing style. PlayStation Store has also been included recently and is no longer a slow download app. Each game also gets its own center.

PS5 vs PS5 digital version

As mentioned above, there are two versions of the Sony PlayStation 5, one of which is relatively inexpensive. Both are similar to the two new Xbox consoles from Micro .ft, but the choice can still be difficult with shopping.

So, what is the difference between the PS5 and the digital version of the PS5? It’s all because of the missing optical drive and price tag. The design is also quite different due to the disk drive. To be honest, the PS5 digital version looks a little better because the bulge added by the drive throws the symmetry of the device.

Otherwise the interior is the same. Unlike MicroStream’s cheaper Xbox Series S, you get the same comfortable speed and performance. However, it is also 100d more expensive than the S-Series.

So should you get the PS5 digital version as standard? If you sincerely accept the following statements, yes:

  • I am going to buy my game digitally.
  • I don’t have a large game disc library yet.
  • Borrowing games from a service like Friend, Redbox or Gamefly is not their plan to do.
  • I already have a Blu-ray player or I don’t need it.

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