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Steps to Apostille Single Status Affidavit

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Apostille of Single Status Affidavit

If you’re planning or interested to marry a foreigner or an NRI, this post is for you.

There are certain documents that you should be ready with. As it’s crucial and mandatory, you should have the understanding of all related things, especially of officials to apostille it. These are also required to be legalized, which is the process of apostille or attestation.

Herein this post, you will have complete information about a single status affidavit, which is also a single status certificate or a certificate of no impediment.

A Widowed or Divorcee is Eligible

People misunderstand the purpose of the single status with bachelorhood. Actually, this state refers to singleness. A person who is married and gets separated, divorced, or widowed for any reason can be single.

It means that a widowed, separated, and a divorced person is eligible to apply for this document. Later, the apostille of a single status affidavit is essential for global acceptance. 

Let’s start with officials that can help you with the single status certificate apostille procedure.

Who to Help for Apostille a Single Status Affidavit?

NRI Consultants: These are private professionals that the government hires for attesting to a single status affidavit and submitting to the foreign affairs ministry. The documents should be proper, complete, and valid to enclose with the affidavit of single status.

Notary: A notary public is a concerned person who can help in authenticating this sworn statement. His authentication appears as a sticker and sign on the stamp paper that carries your statement.

GAD: This attestation is carried out by the home department once the sworn statement is issued. The State Government/ Union Territory has an officer appointed for attestation of this personal document. Upon verification, the authoritative person signs and puts his stamp on it.

SDM: The Sub Divisional Magistrate or SDM can be a substitute for the GAD. He governs the government rules and also attests personal documents like this single status proof. You may visit his office for the Apostille process.

Foreign Ministry: This is the last level of attestation. This ministry is governed by the central government, which just attests or apostilles the Single Status Certificate. A square-shaped stamp and signature of the governing authority would be there on the back of the paper to prove that the document is original and authentic.

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Steps to Get a Single Status Affidavit Apostille

Step 1.  Visit the embassy website of your country.

Step 2. Get registered there if you’re not.

Step 3: Get logged in.

Step 4: Find the Single Status Affidavit option.

Step 5: Fill it up carefully.

Step 6: Enclose all requisite documents and photographs of the applicant.

Step 7: Schedule an appointment to meet with the consul for verification.

Step 8: Visit the office and get your affidavit application verified.

Step 9: Pay for courier and service charges and receive a receipt.

Step 10: Within a few days, your affidavit will be delivered.

If you yourself have visited the SDM or State/Town/City level authority for authentication, ensure how to apostille it in the next step.

  • Take into account that you cannot directly get it attested from the ministry of external affairs.
  • Hire a consultant or apostille agent (consultant) that has the authority to pass your request to the ministry. 

All these steps would be helpful given that your documents are authentic, original, and valid. In case of invalid documents, your application will be rejected.

It means that all the support documents should be carefully arranged. Let’s have a look at what docs you should be ready with.

Documents for Verification with State or SDM Authentication

  • A valid passport with the correct address and birthdate of the applicant
  • A sworn statement from the applicant’s parents confirming that their ward is single
  • If divorced, attach a divorce decree to support
  • If widowed, enclose the death certificate of a former spouse

Documents for Apostille this Affidavit

Since the Hague member countries require Apostille on the original affidavit of singleness, it should be clear, legible, and original. There should not have any unusual marking.

Here are two common papers that you should have

  • Original Singleness Affidavit
  • A passport copy

Apostille Process for Single Status

Apostille refers to the legalization process. It proves that the document is original, authentic, and legally acceptable all across the world. This process involves different levels and authorities, which verify your documents and put the stamp on your papers.

The sequence goes in this manner:

  • Notary Attestation
  • SDM/Home Department
  • Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs

Note: SDM (SUB-DIVISIONAL MAGISTRATE) may opt in or out for the Bachelorhood certificate Apostille process if you get the stamp on your papers from the home department of your state or town.

Why do you require apostille for it?

The locally done attestation or notarization may not be acceptable in a few countries, especially the countries associated with The Hague Convention. Although it’s a plain statement, you have to get it legalized so that visiting in the preferred country and solemnizing marriage becomes easier.

It prevents marital scams or frauds. This stamp certifies that the document is original and legitimate. The Single Status statement becomes accurate, genuine, and authenticated by The Hague Convention Members Countries.

Once its process is complete, you don’t need any other attestation. It would be enough. Later, you may visit the embassy of the foreign country to show and get permission for marriage in that country.

When do you need it?

Basically, it is required for two purposes, which are the following:

•        To marry a foreigner in his or her country

•        To get employed abroad and go through the employment visa process successfully

How can you recognise the Apostilled affidavit?

Such documents must be legalized or attested by the external affairs ministry. It’s a unique stamp, which can be recognised easily. It’s square and appears in a printed form having 11 standard fields.

If you look at its top part, the word APOSTILLE will appear in bold, which the Convention de La Haye du 5 October 1961 (English: Hague Convention of 5 October 1961) has introduced.

This is how you can easily apply for the affidavit of single status in any country.


There are multiple steps involved in apostille a single status affidavit. The process begins with the sworn statement issued & attested by the notary or A-gazette officer. Then, it is legalized at the state level or by SDM. Finally, the foreign or external affairs ministry attests it for legitimacy.

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