Striving for Perfection or Embracing Love – What’s Your Take on Parenting?

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Parenting is a journey that’s filled with boundless joy, occasional chaos, and an unending quest to provide the best for children. Indeed, every parent wishes to do the best in their capacity to make sure that their children’s life journey remains as smooth as possible. However, in a bid to do so, parents load themselves with such a strong sense of responsibility that many times, they unknowingly slip into the trap of accomplishing perfection in their parenting endeavors.

We at Excelsior American School, one of the leading schools in Gurgaon, would like to caution you against this trap! We strongly believe that, as parents, your focus should be more on being loving parents to your children rather than being a perfect parent that society can admire. Today, in this blog post below, we will shed light on why your goal should be loving and connecting with your children rather than looking for perfection in your own and your child’s actions and how it impacts the various aspects of life. So, let’s delve in without further ado.

  • Communication:

We all know the importance of communication in every relationship. We also know the different forms communication takes and how one form of communication is more effective than the other. Without a doubt, the way you communicate is what differentiates a loving parent from a perfect one.

For instance, a loving parent is one who wishes to be on the same team as their children, which is why they stay invested in dialogue and water two-way communication. Give and take is a major prerequisite for communication involving loving parents.

On the other hand, perfect parenting involves perfecting every action and step the child takes, which monologues, authority, and one-way communication often characterize. This kind of communication ends up creating an invisible wall between the perfect parents and their children, which is indeed difficult to break.

  • Emotions and Empathy:

We at CBSE School in Gurgaon strongly believe that when we talk of the growth and development of children, it should ideally encompass their emotional growth too! This holds relevance because, as humans, we tend to display different emotions at different times while not hesitating to display empathy and be available to others in need of help.

This could possibly remain a missing link in the case of perfect parenting because this form of parenting is bent highly towards practicality, with emotional inputs taking a somewhat backseat.

Contrary to this, loving parents are high on the very big emotion of love and thus do not hesitate to encourage their children to spread love, be empathetic, and not feel challenged to freely display their emotions.

  • Fostering Individuality:

As parents, a major responsibility you carry on your head is to recognize the need for individuality in your children. This is something perfect parents often miss acknowledging, and that is purely because they are more focused on creating a replica of perfectionism instead of a human who can live, smile, celebrate, and express.

Individuality is very important in life because this is what sets your kids apart from the crowd. This is what gives them their unique side. This is what makes them who they are! Loving parents understand this need and do not think twice before helping their children realize their individuality.

The Verdict:

If you take some time out and sit down to compare loving and perfectionist styles of parenting, you will understand that the former is not just easier to observe and follow but is also something that most children welcome with open arms.

At Excelsior American School, a renowned Best CBSE School In Gurgaon, we have come across many parents who seemed confused about their style of parenting. Many were under the impression that their loving behavior could lead to their children falling off track. Many felt that being strict and disciplined in their approach would be more practical in making children turn towards perfectionism. Today, through this article, we would like to pass on an important message to all the parents reading this write-up – Your only goal as a parent should be to offer your love and support to your children. More importantly, your children should know that they have your back. It is this love, affection, and trust that is eventually going to help you build a close-knit connection with your kids. Once you have that bonding with them, driving them to the right path in life will become much easier for you!

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