How to style Converse sneakers?

Converse sneakers are older than you think. First launched in 1917, these sneakers were a sensation a hundred years ago. Most basketball players preferred to wear Converse sneakers back then before the likes of Adidas and Nike took over the market. Though they are not worn for basketball anymore, these Top Selling Sneakers are still a timeless style icon, worn by people of all ages.

How to wear Converse sneakers?

Classic Black and White Converse Sneakers

A timeless classic, these sneakers have been a staple in every teenager’s wardrobe for generations. You can pair them up with distressed jeans and a loose-fitting T-shirt. In fact, these kicks are the go-to for kids looking to dress up quickly and yet look presentable. With a casual work environment, many professionals too swear by the Classic Converse-jeans-t-shirt combination when they have to get ready for work.

Converse High top vs Low top

There are two main types of Converse sneakers- low top and high top. Low-top Converse sneakers are generally preferred as they go with everything- you can wear these even with formal attire. The High-top Converse kicks have an audience of their own. Covering the ankles, these kicks are great if you are wearing shorts. Though they can also go with jeans and chinos, Converse High Tops are mostly for those ready to experiment with their look.

Converse Move

These are chunky shoes that come with a thicker sole. Just like the High Tops, Converse Move sneakers are for those who love to experiment. Great for those who have a shorter build, these shoes can help you go retro and rock the look!

Styling Red and other colored Converse Sneakers

Colored converse shoes are a style statement on their own! Based on their design, you can pair them up for any look- for the airport, for work, for a night out with friends, or even a date. You can wear these kicks with or without socks, as you deem fit. For best results, let your Colored converse shoes shine when you pair them up with subtle colors.

Styling socks with your Converse sneakers

Some people will find this a little strange, but believe us, the socks with sneakers combination do work. You could wear plain colored socks with your converse sneakers and a tee for a complete look. If you pull this off well, you would get a lot of compliments, though some would say this looks childish.

6 rules to follow when wearing Converse kicks

  1. Converse shoes are the perfect alternative to leather trainers. This makes them perfect for the summers. You can pre-order sneakers of limited-edition Converse kicks for a unique look.
  2. Converse shoes look ideal with skinny jeans. Roll up the hems inside out to show your ankles, especially if you’re wearing low-top Converse kicks.
  3. If you need to wear a smart casual look, wear chinos with white Converse kicks and a shirt and blazer to rock the look.
  4. During spring and summer, you can wear white trainers, jeans, and subtle-colored tees for a dressed-down look.
  5. Another option is to wear tapered joggers with Converse kicks and a plain tee for a day out with friends.
  6. Though colored Converse shoes can be tricky to pair up, go for known colors like red, blue, cream, or others and wear simple clothes for the best look.

Wrapping Up

Converse sneakers are a must for every fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe. You could play it safe and invest in a pair of classic Converse sneakers or experiment with red or other colored Converse kicks. It is advisable to buy your sneakers online rather than sneakers under retail prices at questionable sources if you are looking for original kicks. Try to buy online at the best online sneaker store that has all your required genuine shoes so that you do not need to anywhere else.