Case Studies: How Companies are succeeding with the Latest Dynamics 365 CRM

Companies today want to comprehend and communicate more effectively with their customers. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a prominent business software that assists businesses with this. When you hire CRM software developer, you’re not just getting a technical expert – you’re getting a strategic partner.

Let us show you real-world examples of how Dynamics 365 boosted customer service, marketing, and sales for two major Indian companies: Reliance Digital and Titan Watch.

Let us show how Dynamics 365 helped businesses obtain a full picture of their consumers and make wise choices.

The organizations used Dynamics 365 to develop relationships and grow their operations.

Reliance Digital

After thoroughly evaluating leading CRM solutions, Reliance Digital selected Dynamics 365 for its powerful unified capabilities, robust security, and ease of use.

The implementation process took around 3 months, led by an internal IT team working closely with Microsoft partners.

Reliance Digital makes things easy for customers by combining Dynamics 365 with their online store, ERP systems, and inventory management software. 

This means customers can shop online, talk to in-store experts, and easily order home delivery using any method they prefer.

With a single customer data source in Dynamics 365, Reliance Digital has full visibility into interactions and preferences across touchpoints. 

This unified customer profile enables personalized recommendations and consistent experiences regardless of engagement channel.

Improved In-Store Customer Service

In stores, over 5000 Reliance Digital sales staff use the Dynamics 365 mobile app on tablets to serve customers. 

Staff instantly view purchase history, pending orders, and service tickets to assist shoppers better. 

Store managers utilize the data to track sales performance and optimally deploy staff during peak hours.

Target Marketing Campaigns

For marketing initiatives, Reliance Digital uses Dynamics 365 customer data to identify and target audience segments with targeted promotions via email, mobile, and social media. 

Connecting the marketing platform to Dynamics 365 allows for the analysis of channel ROI, which helps to enhance future campaigns. 

The decision to hire CRM software developer can be a game-changer for companies looking to boost productivity and drive growth.

Analytics to Understand Customers

For instance, customer lifetime value dashboards track repeat purchase rates and share-of-wallet to identify high-value customers and guide retention programs like special incentives and loyalty status upgrades. 

Reliance Digital also monitors customer retention analytics to understand reasons for attrition and take corrective actions as needed.

Using Feedback to Improve Experiences

Sentiment analysis from Dynamics 365 customer surveys provides granular feedback on brand perception, shopping experience, and product satisfaction. 

These insights help Reliance Digital identify areas of improvement at individual locations versus company-wide. 

Customers also appreciate being heard which improves long-term engagement.

Personalized Customer Approaches

By analyzing sales data per customer persona in Dynamics 365, Reliance Digital optimized merchandise planning and personalized promotions for different customer segments. 

Online behavior data determines digital marketing tailored to interests like electronics, fashion, and home appliances. 

In-store assistants specially cater to seniors, women, men, and youth shoppers based on purchase patterns.

Optimized Supply Chain Operations

On the operations side, Dynamics 365 integration provides real-time visibility into product availability across warehouses, minimizing stockouts during demand surges. 

Powerful analytics help executives gain insights into peak demand forecasts and trends for better inventory planning and distribution strategies.

Strengthening Information Security

Reliance Digital leverages Dynamics 365 security features like role-based access control and encryption to ensure customer data privacy

Cybersecurity training for employees has reduced information security risks and built trust with customers.

Adapting to Market Changes

With real-time dashboard visibility into sales and operations data, Reliance Digital can respond quickly to competitive threats and market changes. 

Pricing, product assortment and promotions can be adjusted dynamically based on market conditions.

Optimizing Staffing

Store managers use the data in Dynamics 365 to analyze sales performance. 

This helps them schedule the optimal number of staff during peak store hours to ensure prompt customer service.

Personalized Recommendations

With a unified view of customer interactions, sales associates can provide personalized product recommendations based on purchase patterns and wishlists. This drives higher customer satisfaction.

Having realized strong benefits from Dynamics 365, Reliance Digital plans to expand its use to additional areas like IoT-connected stores, virtual reality experiences, and facial recognition. 

Investing in Dynamics 365 has helped strengthen Reliance Digital’s Customer-centricity and data-driven decision capabilities as a leading omnichannel retailer.

Titan Watches

Titan Watches makes popular, affordable watches in India. 

As the company got bigger and opened more stores around India, its old customer service system had trouble managing complex sales and looking at data from thousands of sellers.

In 2021, Titan started using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be better at working with buyers. 

By changing to Dynamics 365 Online, Titan brought together buyer details from all their main brands like Titan, Sonata, Fastrack, and Tanishq. 

The Sales module provides 500+ sales executives with a single system to manage nationwide dealer interactions. 

Reps can now efficiently plan visits based on location data and past retailer buying patterns. 

With Dynamics 365 integrated with Office 365, reps access relevant customer details and update records in real time during store meetings.

Driving Dealer Sales Performance

To motivate and monitor dealers, Titan utilizes Dynamics 365 goal management and automation to set sales targets and track performance metrics. 

Dealers’ access personalized dashboards to view their progress and future projections.

Gathering Dealer Feedback

Leveraging Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, Titan regularly collects structured dealer feedback. 

These insights help refine dealer engagement approaches by identifying gaps in products, support, and pricing.

Streamlining After-Sales Support

Post-sales support is enhanced with Dynamics 365 case management. Dealers log support tickets automatically routed to the nearest Titan branch. 

Technicians quickly resolve issues by looking up case history and spare parts required before site visits.

Optimizing the Dealer Network

By monitoring sales revenue patterns across geographies, Titan optimized its distribution network planning to ensure adequate dealer coverage in growing markets. 

The sales headcount was expanded in high-potential regions like North and West India to capitalize on opportunities.

Driving Higher Dealer Satisfaction

Dynamics 365 CRM portals enabled self-service options for dealers to access catalogues, promotions, and account details online 24/7. 

Dealers appreciate the convenience which has helped improve dealer satisfaction scores by over 15% since 2021.

Enhancing Marketing Effectiveness

Leveraging Dynamics 365 campaign analytics, Titan refined its marketing strategy to drive more impact. 

Data showed sales driven by social media ads were twice as profitable as traditional print/TV campaigns. 

So, Titan shifted more budget to targeted digital campaigns focused on young consumers.

Improving Product Quality

Post-sales service data highlighted consistent issues faced with certain watch models. Titan R&D prototyped design improvements for those models. 

The product engineering team credits Dynamics 365 insights for helping avoid costly product recalls.

Tracking Incentive Program Impact

With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, Titan surveys dealers quarterly to gauge satisfaction levels and address complaints. 

This dealer feedback is invaluable for enhancing engagement and sales. Sentiment analysis also helps track the impact of new sales incentive programs.

Planning for Full Adoption

By 2025, Titan aims to have 100% of dealers on Dynamics 365 CRM to maximize analytics-driven gains. 

The CEO envisions Dynamics 365 as a differentiator helping Titan Watches stay ahead of competitors through data-driven decisions and strengthened customer relationships.

Enhancing Security Standards

To protect sensitive data, Titan has implemented Dynamics 365 security features like encryption, role-based access, and cybersecurity training for employees. Safeguarding dealer information builds trust.

Motivating Dealers & Monitoring Trends

Titan uses Dynamics 365 to set sales targets for dealers and track performance versus goals. Dealers are motivated to achieve their potential.

Dealers have personalized dashboards showing sales projections based on current performance. This helps them stay on track to hit targets.

Identifying Training Needs and Gaining Competitive Advantages

Analytics revealing dealers struggling to meet goals allows focused training. Titan ensures dealers have the skills to maximize sales.

With integrated data visibility across sales, service, marketing and operations, Titan can respond faster to market changes and competitive moves. Dynamics 365 analytics provide decision-making agility.

What is your experience with Dynamics 365 CRM?

What impact has it made on your business processes and customer engagement?

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