Summer Depression: An Overview Of This Disorder

factors of summer depression

It has been noticed now and then that people often get melancholic due to changes in weather seasons. Have you ever felt sad or gloomy because it’s continuously raining too much? Or felt too frustrated & irritated due to the scorching heat of the summer. But if you’re feeling low, sad or the depression stays for too long then you need to get help.

What are these Summer Blues:

Summer Blues is usually a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder where it can happen to anyone. These forms of Depression can occur in a specific month usually in the month of summertime. This pattern of depression usually starts in the month of summer and continues till winter. In several cases, this type of depression becomes more severe during winter. While several of them hold themselves indoors making them sluggish, sad & short-tempered.

Causal Factors of Summer Depression:

As per many mental health professionals & specialists, there are many causes of Summer Blues. Feeling inactive, sad, & getting stressed out frequently could lead to a tragedy like Rachel Stone Car Accident. Often times most people could possibly ignore some of the major causes. Some people claiming to be diagnosed with this form of Depression may feel sad & depressed all day. Some of these factors include:

Hot & Humid Weather Conditions-

Many people have different biological functions in their bodies. But for some people, their biological functions work differently in distinct weathers & seasons. There have been cases when people with biological changes can affect the normal functioning of their brains. Resulting in discomfort & annoyance could make them stay at their home.   

Change Their Daily routines-

Due to changes in biological functioning, it also affects their daily routines. Due to this feeling of discomfort, they even change their schedule of meal times & bedtimes. Apart from that they most likely elude from going out to places like Schools, Gyms, University.

Financial Crisis-

People are most irritated when they need to work hard during the month of Summer. After already being a patient with Depression it is really, difficult to be in that situation. It already feels traumatic to fight against two unseen enemies, as they have the upper advantage. This type of disorder not only makes you vulnerable but also increases anxiety & depression.

Typical Symptoms of Summer Depression:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Lack of Sleep
  3. Feeling exhausted & hopeless
  4. Being absent-minded all the time
  5. Their limbs (hands & legs become heavier)
  6. Losing interest in daily based routines & activities
  7. Having the urge to crave carbohydrate food items
  8. Getting disturbing thoughts about suicide & death 
  9. The feeling of sadness & short tempered stays all day long

Financial issues are not easy to handle but if they kept living in those situations the disorder can get worse. In order to eradicate these forms of depression there are certain methods to cope with this disorder.

Coping Up With Summer Blues:

There are numerous amounts of methods to treat Summer Summer Depression. These conditions could be treated in the following ways:

Striving For Dark Rooms-

The best way to treat these disorders is to keep them away from excruciating sunlight. This will automatically affect their biological functioning to heal their brain & body.

Following A Schedule Or Routine-

It’s a difficult job to stick with a routine to keep your mind and body motivated. While the patients of this are constantly feeling hopeless & suicidal. They need to perform some activities to divert their mind. What’s better than cultivating your mind in a positive way via reading. Amine & Manga can definitely lighten their moods. Maybe comics like The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy Chapter 2 could be fun.

Relaxing The Mind & Body-

During these times people are often stressed out due to disorders like summer depression. Able to change that functioning people should start exercising, jogging, walking, & drinking healthy drinks.


If you are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder the chances of preventing it are positive. Although medical science has ample techniques to treat these disorders. A lot of patients have recovered while assessing the accurate diagnosis with a combination of several treatments. But you need to decide which options suits for treating this disorder.

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