Sun-Powered Benefits: 5 Sizzling Facts About Solar Panel Savings

Solar Energy Industries Association

Going solar is the right thing for the planet, for your utility bill, and for the property value of your home.

Not only are there solar panel savings to be had, but they may just make you money! Learn how that’s possible and five fun facts about solar panels, below.

1. Solar Energy Is Cheaper Than Ever

It used to cost, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars to install just a few solar panels. For that reason, they didn’t become reasonable for the consumer until around 2010, or the mid-twenty-teens.

But now, with the increase of consumers willing to install them on their homes and businesses to save money, you can get a set installed (dependent on the number of panels) for less than or around $10,000.

This doesn’t include the cost of installation or integrating them into your home – but there are more solar companies now than there were even five years ago, so you can shop around for the best price.

2. The Government Offers Tax Credits

Want to dread April 15th less next year? Well, solar panels may help you do that. Many state governments have rebates or write-offs for adding solar energy to your home.

Not only does this increase the property value and act as a selling point in the future, but it also reduces the stress on city-run utility companies. The earth-friendly bit is just icing on the cake!

And in some states, you may actually be able to provide energy to your city-run electric company, depending on how much solar vs traditional energy your home uses. But more on that later.

3. They Have Almost No Upkeep Cost

Solar panels are pricy to set up – we’re not arguing that. But once you get the initial costs out of the way, it’s pretty much smooth sailing.

Your solar company may come out a few times in the first two years to check on them, but unless there’s an act of god or a catastrophe, most solar panels take care of themselves.

In contrast, traditional energy appliances need yearly or seasonal tune-ups and need to be replaced every ten to fifteen years.

4. Solar Panels Pay You

Let’s say you install solar panels, don’t change your in-home energy habits, then realize you’ve made so much solar energy that you have some leftover, and you didn’t need to use your traditional energy company.

Depending on where you live, your city may pay you for that excess, unused energy your solar panels produced, not only making your energy utility bill zero – but making you a (usually small) profit.

You can estimate savings and your potential earnings online. But hey – making money is always better than spending it!

5. It Makes You Part of The Solution

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, of all the new energy sources established in 2016, thirty-nine percent was solar energy. Can you imagine what it is now?

It’s become clear that individual consumers are going to have to play a bigger role in the clean energy movement than we originally thought – so why not be part of it?

Solar Panel Savings

Getting solar panels installed is the most costly part of the process. But if you use all the resources available to you, like tax incentives, and keep your solar panel savings in mind, then their worth becomes clear.

Do the right thing for the planet and install solar panels on your home, today!

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