5 Superfoods to Add to Your Diet

It’s not easy to pick the kind of food that suits your taste and is also nutritional. That’s why people prefer superfoods. 

Foods that are very rich in nutrients are “superfoods.” They include fruits, veggies, seafood, nuts, and also some milk products.

When it comes to nutrient ratios, certain nutritious meals do better than others.

Filled with minerals and vitamins, these foods are good for your health.

Also, there are various options when it comes to superfoods, so you won’t have to worry about repetition. These foods also taste good.

#1. Lentils

They are accessible to everyone as they are cheap. They contain a plenty amount of fibre and also have iron and protein as a bonus. It will keep you from getting hunger pangs. One of the best qualities of lentils is that anybody can cook with them. And also, you can make a lot of stuff with lentils, whether it is salads or even deserts. 

#2. Beetroot 

Beetroots are the ultimate healthy food. They contain vitamins and minerals, which are super good for our immunity. It also helps us with high blood pressure. Beetroot is not only good for health. But also for our skin. It’s all in one food item:

  • Good for our health.
  • Good for our brain and heart.
  • Good for our digestive system.
  • Good for our skin.

#3. Ginger

As soon as we say ginger, the first thing that pops into our mind is tea. Ginger is a very traditional food item. It has quite a strong flavour. Ginger gives us many health advantages. It also has a very unique fragrance. Though it tastes quite spicy, at the same time it does not. It is mostly given to pregnant women as it helps them with their morning sickness. Also, it can help you to lower your sugar level, especially if you are diabetic. It is easy to find and accessible to all. It can also add flavour to countless dishes.

#4. Eggs 

One of the most common food items Almost everyone eats it in the morning for breakfast. They are quite a popular choice as a food item. This is mainly because it is quite inexpensive. It is a wonderful way to consume protein. Eggs contains not only a large amount of proteins but also many other nutrients too. Though it is not advisable, you can function properly with just 4 eggs a day too.

They are also used in many keto dishes.

#5. Broccoli

It is one of the greenies. Of course, it’s a super food. This green vegetable contains a high amount of protein, vitamins, and all kinds of minerals. Though we consider all green vegetables healthy, broccoli is like the king among greenies. It has vitamin C, calcium, and many more. 

In Conclusion

While superfoods may contain a lot of proteins and minerals, It still cannot make up for a proper meal that is suitable for our bodies. We cannot have just one item that is healthy. We can add them to our meals to increase our mineral intake. But we cannot depend upon superfood alone. 

We must have a balanced diet to maintain our health, both body and mind. 

And it is advisable if you are going to make any major changes to your diet plan. First consult a nutritionist, then make your decisions. It will help you make an informed decision. Also, do not make a complete change to your diet plan at once. Take it slow. 

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