3 Must-Have Survival Knives For Outdoor Enthusiasts


Outdoor adventures present diverse challenges for campers, hunters, and hikers. Survival knives help you build an emergency shelter by sculpting stakes, cutting branches, and stripping bark. After a session of foraging for food or catching your favorite wild animal, a survival knife comes in handy in dressing your game and slicing the edible plants.

Some survival knives provide the devices required for starting a fire, fashioning tools, carving wooden utensils, and more. You can use the knives for self-defense and rescue, plus emergencies. Different brands and manufacturers offer unique types of survival knives. The following are the top three options to compare.

1. LORD & FIELD FRONTIERSMAN, 1095 Carbon Steel Survival Knife 


Lord & Fold Frontiersman is a top-quality survival knife known for its 1095 carbon steel handle. The multitool has a bow drill divot with dual fishing hooks and a cotton tinder. The multitool’s durable blade delivers top-notch cutting performance. The satin plain blade has a modified Scandinavian grind with a 90-degree swivel. Its 90-degree cutout and spin for Ferro rod boasts the knife’s versatility. You can start fires in minutes, regardless of the situation. Use the knife to handle rugged tasks, from slashing edible plants to dressing wild animals.

The knife represents innovation and practicality, offering outdoor enthusiasts the power to conquer the wilderness. This multifunctional tool boasts capabilities of traditional survival knives and contemporary multitools’ features. The ingenious handle design conceals the multifarious tools within. Its arrowheads enable the crafting of spears and arrows on the fly.

You can disassemble the knives in minutes, thanks to the concealed Allen key. When open, the multitool provides access to the internal elements stored in its green canvas Micarta handle. This knife has a stylish brown leather carry sheath with a Ferro rod attachment. Its well-balanced measurements optimize utility and maneuverability. That includes a 4.75-inch handle and 4.5-inch blade lengths. 

2. GERBER LMF II Infantry Survival Knife 


The GERBER LMF II Infantry blends tenacious dependability with a classic design. It is a reliable tool for outdoor enthusiasts designed with versatility in mind. It can tackle demanding and straightforward tasks, including cutting and carving. At its heart sits a 12.3 cm drop-point blade featuring a serrated edge. The blade offers higher precision and versatility, enabling cutting things such as sturdy ropes and stubborn roots. It is your favorite companion for handling everyday tasks and wilderness expeditions.

The knife has a non-slip handle made from glass-reinforced plastic coated with a TPV layer. This well-designed handle offers optimal grip and allows comfortable hold in every situation. The end of the handles doubles as a hammerhead, which adds to the tool’s utility and versatility. 

GERBER LMF II Infantry survival knife allows convenient accessibility and carry for users on the move. It comes with a leg holster created from fire-resistant nylon. The holder is compatible with MOLLE and includes a sharpening stone. Keep the blade sharp and ready for use in all situations.

The 12.3 cm blade, which is 26.9cm long, stands out for its maneuverability and functionality. The robust and lightweight construction makes the survival robust enough to withstand outdoor rigors. Finally, the knife has a sleek coyote Brown finish made of durable 420HC stainless steel.

3. STATGEAR Surviv-All Rescue Knife 


STATGEAR Surviv-All Rescue survival knife represents quality in a budget-friendly package. The knife breaks even in a market crowded with highly-priced knives. It provides you with optimal value without compromising on functionality and reliability. Budget-conscious adventurers need this dependable tool to tackle challenging outdoors. Its low price does not affect the quality and performance. It meets all the survival demands of veterans and inexperienced outdoor people.

The brand created the knife with versatility and robustness in mind, thanks to the rugged design capable of withstanding outdoor rigors. The knife has a robust stainless steel blade with a versatile drop-point profile. The unique design makes it perfect for handling various slicing and cutting tasks. 

A notable feature that makes the knife an incredible tool for outdoor adventurers is its ergonomic handle. The handle, created from high-impact polymer, offers a secure and comfortable grip. Also, the blade has a built-in fire starter, so you can ignite fire for signing during emergencies, cooking, and keeping warm.

Adventurers will love the serrated edge, which is designed to ease cutting through different materials. Its convenient lanyard hole provides support for varied carrying options. Its durable nylon sheath enables safe transportation and storage. Pack the knife for emergency preparedness when embarking on a journey to the woods.

Wrapping Up

Beginners and seasoned adventurers exploring the outdoors need emergency preparedness and survival tools. Survival knives are prevalent tools for everyone embarking on a journey to the woods. Discover knives with innovative and reliable features like the LORD & FIELD Frontiersman. 

Choose budget-friendly options such as the STATGEAR Surviv-All Rescue knife, which is designed to suit unique needs and budgets. The GERBER LMF II Infantry is one of the most reliable knives, designed to match your needs when embarking on an adventurous trip. 

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