Efficiently Switching from Windows Live Mail EML Files to Outlook Versions

What are EML files or Outlook PST facts?

  1. EML File: EML (Email Message) is an elegant record format for storing a single e-mail message. It generally consists of the e-mail’s text, attachments, and metadata. EML files are extensively used and can be opened by diverse electronic mail customers, making them a great choice for storing single messages.
  2. Outlook PST File: PST (Personal Storage Table) is a proprietary file format used by Microsoft Outlook to save facts, which include email messages, calendar activities, contacts, and more. It is a complicated layout that allows several Outlook features, which encompass folders, training, and looking for abilities. PST files are used to archive and manage Outlook statistics.

Reasons to Export EML Files to Outlook PST Format

  • Compatibility: Outlook PST is the proprietary file layout used by Microsoft Outlook. Users frequently choose to convert EML files to PST to ensure seamless compatibility with Outlook, creating a unified environment for email communication and manipulation.
  • Email Migration: Users can also migrate from email clients that use EML files with Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook. Converting EML to PST helps with the clean transition of e-mail statistics, maintaining the form and content material of messages, attachments, and extraordinary elements.
  • Advanced Features of Outlook: Outlook offers superior competencies no longer observed in all EML-assisting e-mail customers. Users looking to get access to features like strong calendaring, undertaking control, and stronger organizational competencies often pick to convert EML to PST for an enriched email revel in.

Using the best Windows Live Mail EML Conversion program simplifies converting email files into three easy steps.

Features supported by the industry’s top GainTools EML to PST Converter Tool

  • Combine the associated properties from at least 15 different email clients’ EML files into a single Windows Live Mail EML file.
  • There is also no need to install any email apps or other software, thanks to the Windows Live Mail EML to PST Converter Tool.
  • You can convert a lot of Windows Live Mail EML files at once with batch mode.
  • Savings on file types, picture file formats, webmail, and email file types are also feasible.
  • Convert EML files from Windows Live Mail to several other formats.
  • Use a variety of criteria to filter Windows Live Mail EML messages, such as the date, the sender, the source, and the subject.
  • Email conversations written in languages other than English can also be converted into widely used file formats.

Direct Method to Convert EML Files to PST file format

You can choose Windows Live Mail EML files from a stored place using the powerful Select Folder feature of the most widely used program for exporting EML files to Outlook PST format. Technical expertise is not needed to upload or convert huge Windows Live Mail EML files with attachments because the application has an easy-to-use interface.

As previously noted, the program contains a preset preview pane that accurately displays the content, attributes, and a range of other components of the selected email message.

It also has an attachment option that lets you access and save a file that’s connected to the message in a safe place.

Windows Live Mail EML Conversion Software Benefits

  • A quick fix to improve the speed of converting big Windows Live Mail EML files with attachments.
  • Moreover, convert a large number of Windows Live Mail EML files to several formats quickly and simply.
  • All of the characteristics of the Windows Live Mail EML file can be preserved during conversion.
  • It’s not necessary to use an external program or email client to complete the conversion process.
  • Furthermore, a user-friendly interface makes it possible for Windows Live Mail EML files with attachments to be converted seamlessly.
  • The Business and Professional subscriptions come with an upgraded toolkit edition.
  • There’s also a powerful search filter to help you find emails based on a range of criteria.
  • After the task is successfully completed, kindly provide a comprehensive conversion report.

Drawbacks of the Program

  • Linux and Mac OS X are not supported at this time.
  • In addition, the trial version can only convert a maximum of a few EML files per folder.

Last Words,

Furthermore, covered in the previous instruction is the most well-known Windows Live Mail EML Conversion software program available for batch Windows Live Mail EML file conversion into PST, whether or not attachments are included.

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