Take advantage of business analytics and unlock business potential

Data is critically important in the modern business environment. Today’s businesses mostly revolve around data that is being gathered from their different channels and sources. No matter how much data is accumulated, it will be beneficial for your business only if it is used well. Thanks to data analytics tools and artificial intelligence. Before going into details, it is better to understand how business analytics can really make the difference.

Business analytics

Business analytics is the process that leverages various methods and technologies to evaluate the wealth of data for business advantage. Business analytics not only go through the data, instead it provides insights into present actions and recommends the next best actions to take. In recent years, business analytics has become a necessity for organizations across the globe to assess growing volume of data and to make meaningful decisions.

The implementation of data analytics has seen a whopping growth in just a few years. However, there are many organizations still not tapping into data that they have. A huge portion of their data is left unused for analytics. By doing so, they lock the doors to huge business opportunities and hinders business growth. Here are some of the benefits of business analytics:

Keep budget under control: small businesses often have a tighter marketing budget. With business analytics, you can utilize every penny you spend for your marketing effectively. You can know your customers well, their changing needs and trends, have a competitive edge and woo customers with innovative content and ideas.

Make better marketing decisions: Analytics gives in-depth assessment over data to make improved decisions and improve accuracy. You get to know what keywords are most effective, make predictions on your selling and more.

Get a clearer picture of your goals: Business analysis provides you a clearer picture of your objectives. It can turn your data into visualization, and this provides users better access to insights. With the data in viewable mode, you can derive innovative ideas.

Know the trends: Business can easily get the trends, identify customer behavior, and know the market changes using business analytics. This data will help you make business progress and adapt to the changing business environment.   

Microsoft BI for powerful data analytics

Microsoft Power BI has the power to transform your massive data into immersive and user-friendly visuals. The various capabilities that Power BI offers can bring a big difference to your decision-making process. You can build dashboards for quick searches and reports for detailed analysis and expand business intelligence with numerous visualization tools. All these you can do in quick time.

Power BI is exceptional in presenting data. The advantage is that you can access               everything you need from a centralized location.

Power BI lets you create memorable reports to meet your business needs. Another advantage is that you can converse in your natural language and get AI-powered answers for your business questions. Your team can work together on the same data, reports, and share insights across your teams using Microsoft Teams and Excel. This empowers everyone to make meaningful decisions and contribute to business growth. Your data is highly protected across BI reports, and the protection works even when the reports are shared outside your business or exported to Excel or PowerPoint.

When you use Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can use all your data effectively to enhance your sales. Power BI combines data from across various sources. For example, it can pull marketing and sales data from Dynamics 365 CRM (Customer Relationship Management), create dashboards and reports and get comprehensive insights into your sales performance.

Gartner Analysis

Gartner, IT research, and consultancy firm recognized Microsoft as the leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms. Here are some of their conclusions why Microsoft is a leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms. 

  • The Power BI offers rich capabilities including automated machine learning capabilities and intelligence.
  • AI-Powered services such as image, text and sentiment analytics are available in the premium Power BI version.
  • The connectivity of Power BI into Microsoft Teams, enhances the remote working capabilities in a greater way.

Create a data-driven environment where everyone in your business can make informed decisions using the latest analytics. If you want to integrate Power BI with your existing Dynamics 365 application, you can seek the expertise of Dynamics 365 providers who can design and implement the solution on your terms and preferences. If you have the operations in MENA countries, Pakistan, or India, you can seek the leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, and India.