Telecom System Integrator In Turkmenistan

The process of integrating subsystems into a single system and ensuring that the subsystems work together as a system is known as system integration. It is the process of connecting software programmes and other computing platforms to work as a cohesive unit in information technology. The process of creating a sophisticated information system that helps integrate cutting-edge technologies over the current legacy infrastructure is known as telecom system integration. The operations and business of telecom operators are consolidated, simplified, and optimised as part of telecom system integration. In order to connect current systems or networks with new business requirements, telecom operators are usually required to manage complex projects.

One of the top telecom system integrators in Turkmenistan, Aesthetix, aims to provide a more organised and structured approach to managing companies with more capital efficiency. The ultimate objective of Aesthetix Turkmenistan is to provide goods and services that assist enterprises in achieving sustainability and efficiency over both the short and long term.

You can always count on Aesthetix Turkmenistan. For many of the nation’s top organisations, they have served as the trusted technical solution provider and communication system provider. Oil and gas, fire detection and suppression, metro rail systems, gas detection systems, infrastructure development, and project management are just a few of the many industries in which Aesthetix has experience and competence. They have specialised teams for many technological fields. As a result, they are able to deliver ahead of every other company in the industry. They become the ideal partner for many businesses, not only in Turkmenistan but also in other nations throughout the world, by providing tested services with a dedicated attitude.



Using satellite communication, Aesthetix makes sure that its customers are linked even in the most remote places. Their method provides a redundant communication link for important services based on bandwidth restrictions and existing underwater (or land-based) FO infrastructure.


Aesthetix uses its experience in offering specialised solutions, ranging from basic local networks to technologies like MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay, and X.25 enabling connectivity across greater distances and geographical regions.


Engineers from Aesthetix are on hand to develop the best fit solutions and deploy field equipment for hazardous areas and central PBX systems with interfaces to other subsystems, regardless of whether the customer needs a VOIP, analogue, hybrid, or other telephone switching system, hotline functionality, or any other feature.


Aesthetix offers electrical system synchronisation and central management of all clocks used in public transportation applications. Their system consists of a GPS-based central clock unit, analogue and digital clocks connected to it, and electronic systems including CCTV, passenger information, and emergency announcement systems.


In order to deliver the whole array of radio solutions, including Marine, Aeronautical, MPT1327, and Tetra Systems, Aesthetix analyses the client’s demands, offers financially viable options, and conducts internal coverage studies.


Aesthetix always has the solution to make sure that the safety of the staff members of the customer is taken care of, whether it be basic announcement systems or elaborate A+B redundant systems with field equipment installed in dangerous situations. For the purpose of determining the suitability of the field equipment, internal coverage studies are created while accounting for all factors.


There is a huge variety of perimeter intrusion detection systems in the Aesthetix portfolio, which may be either mechanical or electrical in nature. Fibre-based and leaky cable detection systems that can be buried, mesh wall mount, etc. are among the electronic-based PIDS systems. In addition, PIR and microwave components are available as gate control ancillaries.


Aesthetix is aware of the value of a client’s offshore assets, such as a platform, and the need for real-time access to climatic and environmental data in order to implement appropriate mitigation measures. This data is analysed using a variety of sensors, including those that are hazardous area compliant, such as temperature, pressure, solar radiation, buoyancy, and precipitation.


The layout of the control room plays a crucial part in how well the systems work as well as in averting unfortunate accidents. The various system elements, such as the parts, control levers, and others, must be placed in the proper locations. To design and build cutting-edge control rooms anywhere in the world, get in contact with Aesthetix.


Aesthetix became Turkmenistan’s top technical service provider by analysing human factors, creating ergonomic systems, and incorporating features based on human factor engineering. You would achieve the best outcomes and thrive with the aid of their advice, product design standards, and cutting-edge recommendations.