Ten Secret Remedies to Remove Double Chin Fat at Home

When taking selfies, our focus is always on the face. Even when meeting someone for the first time or having a conversation, the face is where all our attention goes. Pursue minimally invasive procedures to get safe and effective double chin removal at home. There are various exercises, products, creams and lotions that can tighten the facial muscles around your neck, chin and mouth. 

Five factors contributing to double chin fat

Double chin, also recognized as submental fat, is the extra fat that gathers under your chin. It sometimes creates the appearance of two chins. While many people believe that a double chin is caused by weight gain, there are various other factors that can cause the fat accumulation. 

  1. Facial structure: certain body types allow people to wear weight more flatteringly than others. Several facial shapes are more susceptible to developing a double chin. 
  2. Poor posture: it can cause all sorts of health and beauty problems. Aside from back, neck and shoulder pain, it can weaken your neck and chin muscles, leading to a double chin. 
  3. Excessive use of mobile devices: holding your head in a downward position while using your phone, laptop or other portable device can increase the size of your chin and sagging neckline. 
  4. Genetics: a double chin can pass down from one generation to another. For instance, if someone in your family has a double chin, you might be more likely to develop one regardless of age and weight. 
  5. Weight fluctuations: weight gain causes your body to accumulate and store excessive fat all-around your body. However, you may be surprised to know that sudden weight loss also causes double chins. 

Ten non-surgical double chin removal remedies  

Depending on the factors relevant to you, a multi-pronged approach is necessary to eliminate your double chin fat. Here are the five best non-surgical double chin removal remedies. 

Hot towel treatment 

Boil some water and let it cool a little so that it won’t burn your face. Next, soak a towel in it and squeeze out the excess water. Now press the towel on your face for 5 minutes. For great results, repeat this process twice a day. 

Face masks 

Various face masks are available that tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of your double chin. For instance, glycerin and green tea masks can help support exercise. 

Minimize time on your devices

Avoid excessive use of your cell phone or iPad and take frequent breaks. To get effective double chin removal at home, pay attention to your posture and try to straighten your neck and spine. 

Treat your health problems 

Ensure your double chin isn’t caused by any health problems, including salivary gland inflammation or thyroid issues. Consult with your doctor and take adequate measures to minimize your double chin. 

Creams and lotions 

Although the results of creams and lotions might be temporary, some of them use topical solutions that can help you look and feel better for a specific event or night out. 


Decrease the number of calories consumed each day. Moreover, you should drink plenty of water before meals as it helps lose weight and reduce double chin fat. 

Chew sugar-free gum

Chewing gum keeps your face muscles active and skin tone. Moreover, it cuts down the calories from chubby cheeks. To get immediate double chin removal at home, do it for at least 20 minutes twice a day. 

Smiling fish exercise 

Suck in your cheeks more than a pout. Hold it for 15 seconds and try to smile. Repeat this process five times. It will help you tone the facial muscles and reduce fat from the lower part of your face. 

Blow balloons 

When you blow air into a balloon, your cheek muscles will expand. You should repeat this process ten times a day. It won’t only slim your cheeks but will sculpt your jawline. 

Double chin wand 

This skin-friendly device begins working on the facial structure right from its first use. Consequently, the regular use of a quality double chin wand will help smooth out under chin fat.

More tips to get rid of double chin

  1. Minimize the consumption of carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol. 
  2. Drink plenty of water and eat food that has higher water content, such as cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon and celery. 
  3. Avoid fried food to get instant double chin removal at home.
  4. Stick to a steady exercise routine that involves cardio and strength training. 
  5. Make your hairstyle styles, such as layered waves, angled haircut or a long bob, to make your double chin less noticeable. 

How long will it take for the results to show?

As with anything you start, patience is the key to reap incredible results. It depends on your diet, size of your double chin, exercise routine and genetics as well. It should take a few months to show effective results. 

To get instant results without following a strict diet or eliminating your favorite food, choosing a double chin wand is your best decision. 

However, it is advisable to consult a doctor if you have any underlying health conditions that lead to excessive weight. 

The bottom line

Face fat, chubby cheeks, invisible cheekbone and double chin are the most depressing things. To look flawless and youthful all your life without a double chin, try these best non-surgical double chin removal treatments regularly and flaunt your beautiful, sharp face with pride.