The Future Of Job Application

In today’s digital age, most job seekers are of Gen Z, who’ve grown up with technology at their fingertips. They sincerely care about their mental health and prioritise self-expression and individuality. Their primary communication is through emojis, Snapchat streaks, and video calls. They actively consume, create, and share content on social media platforms. Thus, their overall aspect of getting ahead in their personal and professional lives has advanced, including their job applications.

Applying for employment opportunities through simple or typical templates of resumes and cover letters has become outdated for them. Modern-day employers and recruiters have realised this fact and are gradually becoming more accepting of contemporary ways of submissions. Due to this advancement, video CVs will become the major trend in the process of applying for jobs in the future.

Video CVs: A New Trend In The Process Of Applying For Jobs In Future

As Gen Z are more concerned about self-expression and individuality, video applications are becoming the ideal solution. They can include the same content in this new format they would have fit in their traditional resume. They can make it as creative as they would like while maintaining professionalism.

Applicants can either go for the project showcase type format or a mock interview where they answer questions while looking at the camera. If not, they can opt for the narration timeline approach, where they share their experience and accomplishments.

Here Are Some Things You Should Say In A Video CV

1.   Introduce Yourself

The introduction of your video CV is similar to the contact information section of the traditional resume. An expert video resume consultant in UAE suggests introducing yourself by mentioning essential information about yourself, like your background. Address the company where you’re potentially applying while introducing yourself to highlight that you’ve specifically created this application for their open position.

Below are a couple of things you should say in your introduction:

  • Your full name and job title
  • The specific position you’re applying for
  • Where you’re from, and where are you currently located

2.   Mention Your Experience

Once you’ve introduced yourself, open up about the most note-worthy information about your professional history and education. Mention the years of experience you possess and talk about the one to two most relevant and valuable work experiences. Unlike the traditional vitae, where you include your professional work history in-depth, take a targeted approach in a video resume. You can also have your memorable college and personal life experiences. Prioritise quality over quantity to make your content unforgettable for the recruiter.

3.   Give Your Call To Action

Like the ending of any blockbuster movie is memorable, you should take a similar approach to your content. Only then will it make a robust positive impact on the minds of your recruiter and persuade them to call you for an interview. So, give them a reason to remember you; a decent way to do it is to provide a call to action. For instance, you can integrate a picture of your phone number, email address, or LinkedIn link at the end of your video resume.

 How Video CVs Can Enhance The Recruitment Processes

The video application trend has existed for a while but will become more mainstream in the future. It will transform the recruitment process and make it more streamlined for recruiters of large-scale companies. It will save their time and resources, allowing them to make a quick and correct decision.

Hiring managers will easily take action, shortlist candidates, and move them to the next recruitment stage. Thus, filling open positions with ideal applicants would become effortless for employers and HR. On the other hand, this new trend also benefits employment seekers, enabling them to express themselves freely. They can tailor their job applications to more inclusive ones.

Improve, Not Replace An Important Reminder!

Many applicants only submit a video resume or extend its length to an extent that feels boring for recruiters. As HR is always running short of time and would only spend a few minutes on your application, make your content crispy and short. Besides, the purpose of a video resume is only to enhance the impact of your traditional vitae rather than a replacement. Submit professional audio-visual and written applications to present your hard and soft skills as best as possible.

Another important reminder is to hire experienced professional CV writers in UAE if you can’t create an attention-grabbing curriculum vitae. An expert’s assistance will let you successfully sail through faster and land on your desired open position.

Is a video resume the perfect idea?

A video resume is the best addition to your traditional job application, particularly if you’re applying for a creative and highly competitive position.

What is the ideal length for a video CV?

Keep it as short, relevant, and persuasive as possible by presenting your essential skills. Convince your HR that you’re a perfect candidate within the ideal length of around one to three minutes.

 What should applicants say in a 2-minute video resume?

You should introduce your most relevant job accomplishments and mention your key strengths. Present your elevator pitch, meaning precisely express why you’re the best candidate and highlight your key career goals. If you still have seconds remaining, open up about your relevant skills and work experience. If you’re a fresh graduate, discuss your academic and extracurricular achievements.

The Last Words

In conclusion, video applications are the new trend and the future of the recruitment process, beneficial for both applicants and recruiters. Today’s vast majority of candidates are of Gen Z, so this new take on the job application aligns with their choices. It allows them to express their uniqueness and soft skills and offer exclusivity to HR. On the other hand, it helps big companies manage their hiring process efficiently and ensure they hire the most suitable applicant.

Nonetheless, as an applicant, you should never replace the audio-visual resume with the written one. Instead, combine the contemporary with the traditional CV versions to showcase your professional abilities. And don’t forget to seek professional assistance while applying for open positions to speed up your job search timeline!

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