TheOneSpy Review – Monitor Android Phone VOIP Calls & Text Messages

TheOneSpy is a cell phone tracking app that enables user to keep tabs on a mobile phone without having access. The app offers a wide range of features letting user to remotely track and operate a smartphone device. Remaining anywhere in the world, you can find out what activities are being performed on a cell phone. The app is designed for families and business owners to supervise the digital behavior of their children and working staff. Once you install the app on the cell phone of your concerned person, you can keep an eye on almost every activity performed on and around that phone. In this article, we have reviewed the android tracking app to let you understand what stands this app out.

How does Android Tracking App Work?

The high-tech cell phone surveillance app enables user to remotely monitor and operate an android mobile phone. Once the app is installed on the targeted phone, the user can track the phone via web-based control panel. The app enables parents to stay updated about their kids’ digital activities. It also empowers them to protect children from the potential threats of the online and offline world. The employers can keep tabs on cell phone activities of their employees to prevent them from unproductive actions during working hours. 

The spy app secretly accesses data saved on the phone and uploads to the web portal of TOS. Through the web-based control panel of TOS, the end-user can also send commands to the targeted phone. The app performs all functions with confidentiality. It does not create any sound or notification on the targeted cell phone that keeps activities of the spy app undetectable. The target can also not find the spy app icon on his phone if it is concealed during installation process.

Core Features of Android Spyware

The cell phone tracking app offers innumerable high-tech spying features letting user to take control of a smartphone. We have reviewed here most important features of the app. Have a look!

Monitor VOIP Calls

The high-tech cell phone surveillance app enables the end-user to track VOIP calls of the target. It allows supervising voice and video calls made and received via social media apps and instant messengers. It includes calls made and received through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Hike, Hangout, Telegram, Tinder, Kik, Line, Viber, IMO, Zalo and Yahoo messenger.  

Read Text Messages

The app also allows reading messages exchanged through targeted cell phone. It includes incoming and outgoing messages saved on the monitored device. It includes one-on-one and group chats made through default messaging apps, instant messengers and social media apps.   

Call Recording

The cell phone parental control app enables parents to listen to phone calls of their children by getting incoming and outgoing calls recorded. The end-user can retrieve recorded calls via online portal. Also, they can access contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Track GPS Location

The parental control app lets you find whereabouts of your kids. It provides current GPS location of the phone. Also, it shows location history of the device.  

Retrieve Media Files

The photos and videos saved in the phone gallery can be watched direct from the online portal of the app. It includes media files captured from the phone camera, downloaded from social and instant messengers and received from any other source. 

Screen Recording

The real-time cell phone activities of the target can be captured with the help of live screen recording. The end-user can send command through the web-based control panel to direct the targeted phone to start screen recording or screenshots.

Surround Monitoring

The surveillance app allows turning on camera and microphone of the targeted cell phone. It allows the end-user to monitor activities performed in the surrounding of the monitored cell phone device. 

Manage Contacts

The app provides access to contacts saved on the targeted android phone. The end-user can add new contacts and delete previous contacts from a cell phone without having access. 

Remote Control Apps

The mobile apps can be controlled direct from the online portal of the spyware app. The end-user can block, uninstall or unblock an app as per requirement. 


The cell phone tracking app is compatible with mobile phones running Android operating system. It supports all Android OS versions ranging from 5 to 9. The supported smartphone brands include Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Huawei and Haier. It does not support TCL mobile phones. Moreover, the app runs on all mobile phone networks. The premier package runs on rooted android devices. However, the lite version of the app runs on unrooted mobile phones as well.


The price of the monitoring software varies with features and subscription period. The lite version of the app can be purchased in around $18 for a month. The premier version can be acquired in around $45 for one month. The price of the app changes from time to time. Also, there are different discounts that can be availed on several occasions of the year. Click here to check out the recent price detail of the app. 

What are Pluses?

  • It is one of the most advanced spy app.
  • It is inexpensive as compared to other android spy apps.
  • It tracks top-notch social apps and instant messengers.
  • It allows turning on camera and MIC remotely.
  • It runs on unrooted android devices as well as rooted.
  • The installation process is very user-friendly.
  • The app icon can be hidden during app installation.
  • It supports multiple smartphone brands and all mobile phone networks.

What are Minuses?

  • The app cannot be installed remotely.
  • It does not come with free trial version.
  • Most features run only on rooted android mobile phones.

The Bottom Line

The android spyware app can be considered as one of the most advanced cell phone tracking apps rightly available. It is a feature-rich mobile phone monitoring app that is reasonably priced. It enables user to keep track of almost every online and offline activity of the target without giving any hint of cell phone spying. 

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