Laser Hair Reduction: Basic Things One Should Know

Most of us were introduced to hair removal through razors and waxing. But after years of tedious shaving and waxing, anyone can grow tired of these methods. Laser Hair Reduction is undoubtedly an easier and newer method. However, a common question people ask is if the laser is safe or does it have any side-effects? Can lasers actually damage the skin? These are some of the common questions that come to one’s mind when they think of getting laser hair removal.

This blog serves as a brief guide to answering these questions. These insights can be well trusted by the readers as the information is shared by Dr. Priyanka Reddy, a leading dermatologist. The expert doctor is known for providing the best laser hair removal in Bangalore. Continue reading to learn more.

The laser is set on a particular wavelength of light suitable for the patient’s skin. Therefore, the laser light is absorbed only by the hair pigment in the hair shaft and not the surrounding skin. So, rest assured that Laser Hair Reduction won’t cause any damage to the skin.

How Effective is Laser Hair Reduction to Reduce Hair Growth?

The concentrated beam of laser produces heat, which is absorbed by the pigments in the hair. Heat travels from the shaft to the stem cells in the outer root sheath of the hair, further heating them. The hair gets vaporized and the affection of the stem cells allows for a delayed re-growth of the hair. This makes the process highly effective and long-lasting.

Is it a Permanent Solution for Unwanted Body Hair?

Laser hair reduction is very effective in reducing the density of hair and significantly delaying further hair growth.

Hair can grow back in case of:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Hair follicles heal with time and resume growth

A person needs to get at least 6-8 sessions followed by maintenance sessions on a “as and when required” basis to prolong the hair-free period. However, the number of sessions one requires depends on varied factors. Thus, an expert dermatologist will be the right person to suggest the number of sessions.

Treatment Guidelines

  • Mild redness is common after the laser treatment which settles within the next hour or so.
  • Avoid sun exposure and use a high SPF sunscreen before & after the treatment.
  • Avoid waxing, plucking or bleaching before or after laser hair reduction.

In comparison to traditional hair removal methods laser has the following advantages:

  • Decrease in the number of ingrown hair or red bumps.
  • Hair free skin for a long period of time.
  • Improved skin texture and tone.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Pregnant Women?

It is suggested to avoid laser hair removal if a woman is pregnant. Although there is no evidence that it is harmful, but there have been no long-term studies to assess the laser’s impact on an unborn child.

One should always choose a clinic where the procedure is carried out by an experienced dermatologist or an expert laser technician to experience beautiful results. If one is looking for an effective laser hair removal treatment, then they can consult with Dr. Priyanka Reddy. She is the best skin doctor in Bangalore and is widely known all across the nation for her work in the field of dermatology.

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