7 Things to Research Before Designing A Logo

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A logo is basically a symbol representing a brand’s identity. Without this a brand will be meaningless. It must be exceptional so that it leaves a great impression on the customer. It has the ability to show all the values of a particular brand. But before actually designing it, we must understand the importance of logos. 

When a person starts a particular business, he is often suggested to get a logo by making some investment. But sometimes some people do not understand that getting it is the first step in building a remarkable identity of a particular brand. It is basically your brand’s keystone. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you do, but it should have a logo that is professionally designed. Without this the audience is unable to spot your company.

Now I will show you 7 different things to research before designing a logo.

1.Do some research on the needs of the business-

First you should do some research about the needs of the business, only then you should start designing a logo for it. You can do it with the help of a brand questionnaire. The concept of a brand that has been created by you must always reflect the goals and ethos of that particular brand.  

2.You should not depend on trends-

The new trends of design are always followed and old trends have to go. The duration of some trends is very long while some remain for a short time only. It is a very good idea to keep yourself updated with the latest trend but you should avoid the complete dependency on it. Using your imaginative skills is far better than thinking about what others are doing. 

3.Think about creating a black and white logo first-

It is better for a designer to choose a color palette that is perfect for the logo while designing it, as there are so many colors available and it is very difficult to choose among them. So, it will be helpful to use black and white colors first and then you can use some other color in it. 

4.Focus on scalability-

Your logo should be scalable in several sizes. It has to be added in several items used for promotion like billboards, posters, business cards and social media posts. So, it should be like that it can be used in different promotional items of different sizes.It should be responsive as well as scalable, that is it must be capable of adapting it in several orientations and sizes. Its animation is a new thing and some brands are using it. So, you must consider this also while designing it for your brand. 

5.Logo design should not be complex-

It is not necessary that a logo is unique if it looks complex. Complexity should always be avoided. Use your mind for the elements used in designing it so that they can give your it a very simple look. Some of the elements can be removed as required in making a unique design. Your logo should be like that, it doesn’t confuse the audience and so always use simple symbols, font styles, icons, shapes and color palette. There is a concept that less is more. If you use less elements in designing your logo, the better message it will deliver to the audience. Otherwise it will look very complex. 

6.Use different mediums to test your logo-

You can use your logo on different mediums to test its effectiveness. If it is used on a website then it will be different from that on a poster. Whether it is a print-based platform, mobile or desktop, all are different from one another. You should test how your logo looks on printed packaging, mobile and website. It should always give a good appearance in every format. The format can be printed format or digital format. 

7.Clearly express the message-

The strength of a logo lies in the message it gives to the audience.  It should have remarkable and unique design. It should not show everything about your business. For example if you are the salesman of a bike then your logo should not have a bike on it. 

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