Things to consider before buying a cushion for your home

If you plan to purchase scatter cushions online, you need to consider some essential things before buying them. Every often, people find themselves feeling the need to switch up their interiors for a fresh look.   

But with large-scale furniture such as coffee tables and sofas, it is hard to start fresh. So if you are still after that colour pop without having to change too much, consider opting for sofa pillows.

These versatile decor items beautify a living room and make it much more comfortable. Now, let us discuss the essential things before buying a pair of cushions for your home.

Essential Points To Consider While Buying A Latex Pillow

  • Identify your colour palette

You can pick your harmony based on base colour to achieve balance across the space. Primarily, this is the colour of your sofa or the overarching colour present in the room. You might want to pile on shades of the same hue to invoke depth by contrast. 

Triad colours allow you to select from all parts of the colour wheel to create a definitive pop. If your latex pillows are patterned, ensure there is no unsightly clash. This can be easily avoided by choosing plain or lightly textured bolsters.

  • Zone in on the number of cushions

While deciding the number of bolsters, think generous, abundant and luxurious. Then, you can decide on the style you intend for your room. Moreover, let that inform whether or not to go for an odd or even number of bolsters. 

For a more traditional look, stick with an even number of bolsters to give the room more symmetry. If you go with odd numbers, which tend to be more artful and best suited for modern or extensive styles.

You can try purchasing scatter cushions online for a one-seater sofa and five bolsters for a three-seater sofa.

  • Select the right combination of size and shape

While sticking to the exact sizes and shapes can look a bit clinical and boring. However, if you want to add depth and visual interest, then variation will give your space the lift it requires.

A simple way to achieve a synchronised look would be to select a couple of larger block-coloured squares. They contrast with the colour of your sofa. Then, you can add a few stylish outliers which are patterned and slightly smaller in size.

You can complete the look with a small rectangular latex pillow in the centre. It references the colour of your upholstery or colour from one of the bolsters. Finally, consider a large oversized bolster as gorgeous floor cushions to complete the look. 

  • Play with textures and material

Colour and size are not the only interest that they can offer to your design scheme. Adding different textures and fabrics can emphasise other materials in the room and amp up its quality.

You can use contrast to help set the tone. For example, try a plain velvet finish against leather or a cotton-covered sofa to add the right touch of elegance. Faux fur pillows give your room a soft layered appeal. In addition, it creates an extra comfortable atmosphere when paired with a fur throw.

  • Decide on the arrangement

There are no fixed rules about displaying and arranging pillows. But, there are a few concepts for arrangements you can use to get excellent results from your collection. First, you can remember that arrangement is all about layering.

You can try using odd numbers of bolsters. You can start with your large pillows at the back and work the smaller ones to the front. For large sofas, you can try on each side and one or two in the middle. So, each part of the sofa has a colour pop.

The key is to keep experimenting with arrangements until you find your favourite look. Once you have your look covered with the desired configuration. Finally, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of your new cushions.


You will get to know the essential things to consider while buying bolsters for your home. In addition, you gain the importance of various parameters to look at before buying them. Moreover, you will obtain brief details regarding the points of home decor.