10 Things to know about Travel and Tourism a good career

Our courses are created with thorough research and input from professionals in the field to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed. We at Singhania Institute of Hotel Management are known worldwide for providing cutting-edge programmes that fulfil the aspirations of our student’s personal and professional lives. All of our courses offer an extraordinary range of possibilities to build on your talents, collaborate with people worldwide, and acquire transferable skills that will help you thrive in your career, in addition to excellent academics. We also aid with placement and internships. We provide a variety of diplomas in the front office, food and beverage, bartending (juggler), fire and safety, and more.

The tourism industry is famous for career opportunities and the perks that come with them. It is one of the swiftest-growing industries with opportunities to explore and look forward to. It not only has a lot of employment opportunities but also has interesting prospects that include guiding trips, travelling, etc. And do not forget the nicely paid job that approaches it. Students who are studying Travel and Tourism have opportunities available in both sectors, which automatically leads them to a bright future. This blog will guide you through a travel and tourism career and familiarise you with the various job prospects this industry entails, with information on hotel management colleges in Udaipur

. If you enjoy travelling and are still deciding whether to settle for a 9 to 5 job, this is your career path. You have a lot of fun while working, and what could be better than that? Engaging in fun activities won’t even make you exhausted. You might be hired by the biggest recruiting firms worldwide once you have acquired the necessary abilities for this career. You’ll be allowed to travel extensively while enjoying benefits. Hence, a Diploma In Hotel Management makes a good career.

Why choose courses in Travel and Tourism?

1. Working is fun

2. You can observe various cultures.

3. You will have the chance to travel the world while working in the tourist sector and experience diverse cultures. You may interact with people from various cultures and learn about them. The fantastic feeling that comes from socialising increases happiness and enthusiasm.

4. Good salary

Why do we need a job? The primary reason is we need to earn to live. Working in the travel and tourism industry offers good salary packages and can get you financial stability.

Eligibility criteria

1. Candidates for diploma and graduate-level courses must have completed class 12 in any stream with a passing grade.

2. Some institutions that offer this course admit applicants based on their 12th grades, while others require applicants to take entrance examinations.

3. Candidates for postgraduate studies must have graduated, preferably in the tourism industry.

4. One must take entrance tests like the CAT and MBA to pursue an MBA in tourism.

Necessary Skills

Candidates that are interested in studying travel and tourism must possess the following skill set: 

-Excellent communication skills


-Work ethic and problem-solving abilities

-Effective planning and research abilities 

-Time management abilities.

Job Descriptions

Travel agent: Travel agents organise and market lodging, insurance, and other travel-related services. Additionally, they give their clients advice on locations, times, and pricing.

Tourism Manager: Tourism managers help travellers and promote travel through campaigns. Additionally, they present tourism and raise awareness of it.

The travel officer or coordinator coordinates travel needs. Also scheduled are hotels, flights, and so on. A travel coordinator assists with visa processing and other travel-related paperwork in the travel budget.

Airlines/Ground Staff: Ground personnel are in charge of business operations, airline operations, inspecting, storing, transporting luggage, and stocking the aircraft with eatables and drinks.

Travel Executive: The travel executive is in charge of handling seminar arrangements, hotel booking, management of visas and insurance, and tickets.

A travel advisor travel advisors must advise customers about available travel options based on their requirements. They also assist them in organising travel, accommodations, transportation, and other activities.

Tour operators: Tour operators are in charge of planning tours and overseeing travellers’ travel and accommodations. Numerous businesses run tours, necessitating the need for tour guides.

Advantages of selecting the course

  • Opportunity to explore the world -Part-time employment
  • Variety of jobs, exciting work, the potential for income, minimal educational requirements
  • Possibility of working for yourself


You might anticipate a beginning salary of Rs. 20,000–25,000 per month after completing an appropriate course in this area. Starting pay packages can reach $60,000 per month in the aviation and airline industries outside the country. A diploma In Travel & Tourism in Udaipur provides one with an anticipation of an increase in pay as their time and experience grow.

Top recruiting companies

  • MakeMyTrip, 
  • American Express Global Business Travel, 
  • Air Asia, Jet Airways, 
  • Travix Leisure & Travels Pvt Ltd, 
  • Cox & Kings Ltd, Kuoni Travel, 
  • Kesai Tours, 
  • Balmer Lawrie Travel & Vacations


How can I launch a travel and tourism career?

Many regular and part-time courses are available for those who want to begin a career in travel and tourism. They can try freelancing or accept internships at prestigious businesses to launch their careers.

 Is it simple, the Tourism course?

Yes, studying tourism is a simple and enjoyable way to learn about business, geography, culture, and some important soft skills for job advancement.

Since there are so many job options in travel and tourism, it can be challenging for students to settle on one and pursue it professionally. Leverage Edu’s specialists to help you through this process if you are still determining the type of profession you want in this field.

Various courses provided by us are-


  • Diploma in Front Office and Housekeeping
  • Diploma in Front Office and F&B 
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism
  • Diploma in Bartender (juggler), F&B
  • Diploma in Fire and Safety
  • Diploma in Hotel Management 

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