Tips For Long-Lasting Residential Roofing

The most integral feature of a home is the roof. It is imperative for a residential roof to be flawless, efficient, and sturdy to withstand all types of weather conditions. As much as the roofing material plays a role in making the roof elegant, the residential roofing services in Denver CO are equally important. 

A long-lasting roof is a blessing in disguise. Material and type play an important role in determining longevity. Certain choices are elegant while others are more practical. The rest depends on your maintenance routine.  

In fact, even if your roof is old, you can still keep it looking fresh through proper maintenance. This will prevent premature aging. So, before searching for “roofing contractors near me in Denver CO”, here are certain maintenance tips you can do on your own. 

Make Sure The Gutters Are Clean

Clogged gutters cause havoc around and above the house. Firstly, you observe paint chipping off the sidewalls and the water begins to flow upwards ruining the condition of the roof. If leaves and foliage clog the gutters, the water can lead to the rotting of the roof and its rafters. 

Once the damage is done, reversing it is a costly investment, but you can save yourself from this expenditure simply by regularly cleaning your gutters. 

Get Rid Of Any Leaves And Foliage  

If your roofer has previously designed a peaked roof with the recessed landscape around, then chances are your rooftop remains clear automatically. However, complicated roof designs with surrounding trees lead to leaves piling up and even choking the chimneys. 

If you leave this unattended, then the chances of moisture getting trapped inside are high and the decomposition process further slows down. 

Also, this creates a perfect fertile habitat for weeds. You may need to use a garden hose to wash the leaves off the roof. However, you must not use the pressure washer otherwise, the water may get into the shingles. 

Remove Any Grown Moss

Moss growth is a common problem in the United States. You will observe that the roofs are covered in ugly black algae. Even though this does not cause visible damage to the roof, but it does look unpleasant/

You can use a low concentration of chlorine with water to kill the black algae and moss, but for your own safety, it is best to leave it be. 

Trim The Edges Of The Branches That Are Hanging Around 

A simple routinely trimming of the trees can prove to be highly beneficial in the long run. It will keep the moss growth at bay and consequently protect your roof from any permanent damages. Leaves and limbs can cause abrasion if they regularly touch the top of your roof causing damage to shingles. This becomes worse during the windy season. 

Moreover, overhanging branches allow easy access of animals such as squirrels and stray cars to enter your roof. It is important that the branches remain at a distance of 10 feet from your roof otherwise, you may have a pest infestation problem at hand. 


You can use a metal sheet to wrap your tree trunk. This will prevent the animals from climbing up the tree and access your roof. 

Prevent The Formation Of Ice Dams

If there is ice building up on the top of your roof during the winter season, you must never attempt removing this build-up in the time between the two storms or anywhere during the storm season otherwise water will begin leaking from the roof. 

Invest in a roof rake and dislocate the accumulated snow within the radius of the gutter so that the water gets drained at the right place. Keep a ladder to position yourself where you can easily use the roof rake and get the job done. 

Use Your Senses

After any catastrophe, if you hear strange noises from the roof, then no it is not always the ghosts! You can save yourself from big hassle later on by taking a tour and observing your roof for any damages. Here are the things you must look out for:

  • Missing, damaged, loose, or curling roof shingles 
  • Damaged vents and lights or any unwanted openings in the roof. 

The moment you observe any of these damages, it is wise you immediately call a roofing repair expert and get the job done rather than delaying it and making it worse. 


Do not attempt climbing on the ladder in bad weather to inspect your roof. Make use of binoculars!  Your safety should be a priority. 

Carefully Attempt Even The Simple DIY Repairs 

If you have the guts to climb up yourself and do the roofing repairs on your own, then you need to beware of all the potential dangers and equip yourself properly with personal protective equipment. 

You should stick to a properly placed ladder within a safe range. If you have to take a walk on the roof, make sure you wear proper shoes that have a rubber sole to avoid accidentally slipping down.