Tips to Make an Excellent Explainer Video

In today’s world, it is all about graphics and visual effects. People now tell their stories via animation. Nowadays, you see that your favorite brand will use animation to explain the product. Moreover, it is a great way to capture your audience’s mind. Therefore, companies and brands are changing their advertising approach.

Considering the attention span of one’s clients, digital artists and animators design ads based on our tastes and choices. Also, it is crucial that your target market knows what you are talking about. Therefore, your animation must be catchy and attractive. Overall, the world has become digital, and it is time that we use it to our fullest capability.

What is Explainer Video?

Explainer videos must be short and concise and immediately engage the viewers. Explainer animation video is used when you want to attract new customers or tell the existing ones about your new services. Whether promoting your product or telling an emotional story, you can do it through an Explainer video.

Moreover, they are low cost. So if you are looking for an economical option, explainer videos are right up your lane. In addition, these videos are a popular medium of communication. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, real estate agencies, etc., use it to promote their services on the internet. 

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8 Tips you must know

Why use explainer videos? It is because they are highly effective and easily convey the message you want to explain. Therefore, use them when you want to explain the following:

  • A product (e.g., Software (SaaS product videos).)
  • Services (e.g., an airline can describe its benefits and services.)
  • Company (e.g., A hospital can tell the viewers about the services and their state-of-the-art facilities.)

Overall, you can tell a story. Therefore, you must make an effective video that works like magic! Here are some tips you must keep in mind:

1: Grab Attention

It would help if you immediately grabbed the attention of your viewers. You can do this by using a catchy phrase or mentioning facts and figures. Moreover, these facts must relate to the content you want to tell the audience. Make use of animation to create graphics and an understandable visual hierarchy. Overall, your first seconds of the video must have a hooking sentence.

2: Short Time

Next is to keep your video as short as possible. Shorter videos are always engaging and effective. The longer the video, the more chances of the viewers losing interest in your content. Therefore, your video must not cross the 2-minute boundary! Try to keep it within a minute as well. An ideal video is usually 45 seconds long.

3: List Benefits

Instead of focusing on the features, start defining benefits. It would help if you shifted from “How to use this product” to “Where and When to use it”. Consequently, list the advantages of your product and what benefit it can give the users. Overall, the video must contain the perks of using a product or a service.

4: Good Script

Furthermore, it would be best if you had a good script. Your explainer video must tell a story that captivates viewers. You will have to collect only important information about the product or service. Overall, your script must tell the customer to “buy this” immediately.

5: Clear and Concise

Your explainer video must mention simple call-to-actions (CTA’s). Furthermore, these call-to-actions must be in layman’s language so everyone can understand them. Moreover, follow a concise style and remain consistent throughout the video. Overall, a simple structured video will work the best!

6: High-quality Animation

A good explainer animation video has outstanding visuals. Even though your message will be setting the direction, it is the animation that will brighten up the atmosphere. However, ensure that animation is simple and does not overlap visual hierarchies. In addition, you can introduce a character that serves as a mascot for your company.

7: Add Music/Voiceover

To increase the value of your video, add some music. Find music that goes hand in hand with your message. Usually, the music compels the viewers to keep watching your video ad.

Consequently, you can have a professional voiceover to tell your story. Make sure that the voice is professional and captivating. In addition, complement the voice with music to give an outline to your video. 

8: Set the Tone

Lastly, your video must set an elevator pitch. It must include a vital introductory message that defines your company’s mission. Overall, the selling pitch and quality of the video will make or break your goals.


To sum it up, explainer videos are highly effective. Moreover, their easy deliverance and simple tone can easily captivate the audience. In addition, explainer videos are a great way of marketing your resources. Therefore, use them when you want to quickly promote your products and services. So do not delay and start advertising successfully!