Use These 5 Tools to Add Instagram Feed On Shopify

Instagram is a hub for thousands of small and big businesses to get exposure, and undoubtedly this social media platform has been a player for a while in the marketing world. Around 60% of users go to Instagram for shopping, so why not leverage this platform to increase sales and audience engagement on your Shopify store? 

Shopify is partnered with Instagram making it more valuable for merchants and businesses. You can add Instagram feeds on your shopify store to drive traffic, increase sales, amplify brand awareness, and more. If you haven’t yet, it’s now time to utilize Instagram better than before. In this blog, we’ve outlined the best 5 tools to add Instagram Feed on Shopify

5 Tools to add Instagram Feed On Shopify

This easy-to-use Shopify version tool to embed Instagram Feeds and present them in a beautiful manner. These Instagram feeds are user-generated content aggregated via hashtags, locations, handles, and usernames, which can be then displayed on your Shopify store. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Shopify websites, here are 5 tools that will help you add Instagram Feed on your store.

#1 TAGGBOX Widget

“Taggbox Widget” is one of the best tools to boost engagement on your Shopify store. This social media aggregator tool curates User Generated Content derived from social media platforms like Instagram (via handles, hashtags, location, and URLs) and embeds it on website building platforms like Shopify. 

This tool offers a pool of features to build creative, engaging, and responsive widgets for your store which works in real-time so that your customers will get to see the latest Instagram feeds on your store. 

While the features like engaging Customization and Moderation Panel to create attractive Instagram feeds with eye-catchy designs and quality content. 

These two features amplify user engagement with your user-generated content Instagram feed along with improving your Shopify store’s growth. In addition to the features, there are a few more like Analytics (to track the performance of your Instagram feeds), Content Play, Hashtag Highlighter, etc. which can be explored in either free trial plans or paid plans. Paid plans are divided into 3 categories to give leniency on your budget. Pricing and features of each plan vary from each other so that you can choose as per the needs of your store.


How about letting your customers interact with your social content easily? This can be done easily by embedding your Instagram Feeds on your store like Shopify. It will not only increase your audience engagement but is a great way to prove your brand’s popularity. Just like any other social media apps, “Instapics” helps in creating customizable feeds that fit the size of your store. Out of so many layouts (slideshow and grid) and templates provided by Instapics, you can choose any to make your Insta feeds more attractive and engaging in your store. In addition to this, this app also uses the latest Facebook API and is updated regularly to avoid any sort of malfunction for shoppers.

Instagram feed on your store is social proof as it comprises user-generated content showcasing your brand’s real photos from your Instagram account. It also shows your shoppers the experiences of your previous customers. Instapics serve features like;

  • Automatic Feed Updates- Instagram feeds are automatically updated so that the shoppers know about the latest things.
  • Mobile Friendliness- To ensure that visitors have a positive experience, the Instagram feeds are made mobile friendly and can be accessed by the shopper from any mobile device. 
  • Free Support- The customer support of Instapics is Merchants friendly which means you can reach out to the professionals any time. 
  • Gallery Setup- You can create hundreds of photo galleries with the help of this app.
  • Cost-efficient- For the first month, you just have to pay $6.99/month or you can also opt for a 5-day free trial.

#3 INSTASHOW By Elfisight:

Compatible with innumerable website platforms, “Elfsight” gives your business green light and growth. It displays content from Instagram feeds in the form of beautiful galleries on your Shopify store. This tool is loaded with various parameters in customization, so you can apply any theme or layout as per your choice. Also, you can manage size as well as set different colors with this user-friendly tool. One of the best parts about Instashow is that you can share any picture from a public account or a particular #hashtag on your Shopify store. The pricing plan for this tool is $5.99/month or a 7-day free trial.


Trusted by more than 90,000+ Shopify stores, the “Mintt Studio” focuses on providing an extraordinary and hassle-free experience to e-commerce brands and stores. Popular as a Shopify and Instagram partner, this tool is extremely reliable and highly performance-oriented. Their goal is to achieve valuable things and greater results by keeping it simple. They aim to keep you updated with the fresh Instagram feeds so that more and more customers get engaged. Deliver a seamless experience to your potential customers by keeping the store lightweight. You can easily attract more followers and customers to your store by improving its design. The pro version of this tool allows brands/marketers to tag their products on Instagram posts, filter posts via hashtags, and more. There’s a free plan available so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and embed Instagram feeds on your Shopify store with the help of Mintt Studio.


Easy to set up, “Growave” is mainly loved by small brands because of its simplicity. Start with yielding images from your Instagram account to create a UGC gallery and then you can tag products and link them to your Shopify store. In simple words, it offers a Shoppable feature that encourages visitors to visit your store. With Growave, you can integrate creatively beautiful shoppable galleries on your Shopify store, allowing customers to directly make a purchase. Some of the effective features of Growave are:

  • Free plan available
  • Offer flexible and shoppable galleries
  • Great customer support

Loved by many entrepreneurs, Growave is a one-stop destination for all your business needs.

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