December 9, 2021

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Top 10 Modular Indian Kitchen Designs

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Indian Kitchen designs

Indian Kitchen designs are influenced by many factors like several cuisines, cultural insights, kitchen color combinations, tall kitchen units, and historical perspectives. This will be because the food that we cook in our kitchen is that the whole of those influences. At that time our ancestors were accustomed sat down on mats and cooked on low hearths and storage the tall kitchen units were founded around them. So, the concept of a standing kitchen and kitchen color combination is additionally itself is unaccustomed our country. The best kitchen designs in India and why they work accordingly. Design is all about variety, customs, colors, uniqueness, and to illustrate this thing, we have picked over more than twenty-five kitchen designs from the best of the bests.

Let the inspiration begin with a few from them!

  1. The utility of modern Indian kitchens:

USP: The utility and facilitation of Indian kitchen designs, kitchen colors combination, and tall unit kitchenin India are initially associated with people whether or not they have a separate utility area of use for several things or not. It’s better to possess a separate utility for everything within the kitchen of the sink in order that the one within the kitchen doesn’t get filled up with used utensils. Besides, an additional sink will always be of use for everybody.

  • Artistic Kitchen:

USP: It is often that you simply see Indian motifs for backsplash tiles within the kitchen walls. This signifies the minaret pattern of Mughal architecture, one of all the architectural styles that our Indian kitchens are famous for. Within a white or neutral Indian kitchen, this backsplash would accommodate to be the statement piece.

  • Put baskets for the small stuff:

USP: It may facilitate you to save space. Use baskets and bins in your cabinets so that they look tidy and neat. All everything in the kitchen should match the style of the kitchen both in storage and in décor.

  • Try to make prep area:

USP: If you don’t have a full island in the kitchen. Try bringing the kitchen in a mobile kitchen cart and preparing more counter space in the kitchen so that it brings out as a simple bar cart.

  • Ventilated kitchen:

USP: A kitchen with several windows is an Indian concept in Indian society for a long time. Even before exhaust fans, chimneys, kitchen fans existed; kitchen designs in India incorporated a process of ventilation by having several windows on both sides of the kitchen. This kitchen, with its wooden tones and enormous dimensions, is perfect for cooking for a joint or a big family.

  • Use stainless steel containers for storage:

 When it involves cooking Indian food, you may be packing in an exceeding ton of spices for even the only of dishes. Instead of the store the spices in their original bag, where they’ll tend to lose their freshness, or maybe emptying them in jars, which take up precious square footage in your cabinet, it’s preferable to stay all contained in a very spice box, aka Masala Dabba. A staple in every Indian household, the masala Dabba is usually pulled out when cooking, giving home cooks easy accessibility to the foremost important spices at one go. Here’s an alternative choice (it has teeny tiny spoons too!), that’s an excellent pick.

  • Make smart choices:

USP: Smart and high-quality appliances are now easily available in the market to avoid heavy and big hustle appliances. a very going alternative for Cheever is as oven-convention-microwave.

  • Mixing in vintage and antiques:

Nowadays Indian kitchen trends are moving towards vintage and antique infrastructure. It has an immediate effect creating a warm and lived-in home environment. Simple joinery, including a large ladder cupboard and open shelves, combines with a butler’s sink, period style lightening create a timeless feel, perfectly in Indian kitchens.

  •  Make a glass partition:

USP: After years of breaking down walls to form large open-plan rooms, over recent times we’ve come to understand the advantages of having the ability to shut the door and escape the soundtrack of the complete house. A glazed partition split the spaces without compromising on light along with the sensation of togetherness. It also has the advantage of helping to contain smells within the kitchen area. In his house, Thomas Cox, co-founder of Ham Interiors, replaced the wall of the kitchen and living room front.

‘We prefer to use glazed partitions as they define the area and build the illusion of space without having to be fully open plan,’ he explains. ‘If the present kitchen layout won’t afford a completely glazed wall then a smaller glazed panel can enhance a space; it offers architectural interest and is additionally useful in providing a backdrop for a chunk of furniture. It gives looks amazing and gives royal look.

  1.  A simple single open shelf:

USP: The risk of visual overload is always high with so much going on in the kitchen. Looks will need to focus on color combination those who look for a restrained kitchen should keep simple and single shelf with a wall space bare.


Lastly, it’s to be concluded that the Indian kitchen designs are far better utilized than the other kitchen. They’re fully vandalized in order that anything like marks, splashes, dust, within the hidden corners are often seen easily. Indian kitchens are repeatedly cleaned since it reflects the hygiene of the house and affects the positive energies within. Most Indian recipes require quick action to detail; Indian kitchen designs are more about functionality.

As a result, a U-shaped kitchen is preferable to one with a Kitchen Island. This way, you’ll have quick access to everything across the kitchen. So just move. Astound your friends and relatives with these amazing Indian kitchen design ideas, and make your home a retreat from the world’s diverse cultural fest. Every Indian kitchen needs a very strong chimney because of Indian spices to keep all the strong smells of ingredients and smoke away.

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