The Top 5 Cosmetics Contract Manufacturers In India For Best Products!

Over the last few years, the cosmetics contract manufacturers in India have seen steady growth. The industry is expected to benefit from increased consumer awareness of beauty products, a higher value placed on personal grooming, changes in consumption habits and behaviors. Also, improved buying power among women. Other factors include the per capita spending on personal appearance and the growth of the cosmetics industry. Some of India’s top third-party cosmetic manufacturers are included below.

Over five years, India’s cosmetic industry grew at a CAGR of 17.06 percent. The global cosmetics industry is worth $274 billion, while the Indian cosmetics industry is worth $4.6 billion. Facial care, body care, sun care, hand care, and other makeup removal & depilatory items are the five categories in India’s skincare industry. Facial care goods, with all of their varieties, dominate the industry.

These cosmetics contract manufacturers in India provide you with the ideal opportunity to develop custom skincare product formulations for your brand. All of these skincare businesses have worked with countless clients and produced billions of products.

Spatz Cosmeceuticals

Spatz Cosmeceutical Inc. began operations in 2012. The firm is a leading manufacturer, exporter, dealer, and trader of a wide range of Cosmetic Face Products. Their product line includes high-quality Face Packs, Face Gels, Bath Soaps, Anti-Acne Creams, Skin Creams, Bleach Creams, Face Serums, and more. The ingredients used to make the products are non-toxic and natural. Their products are known for their high quality, precise formulation, sanitary packaging, and long shelf life.


Mac Personal Care Pvt Limited India was founded in the year 1984. It is India’s leading third-party cosmetic manufacturer and is proud to introduce its first contract cosmetic product. That was its first entirely natural fairness cream. This fairness cream is unlike any other because it lightens the skin complexion tones and reduces and fades blemish stains from view. It is made entirely of natural ingredients that are combined in a natural technique.

BO international

For over two decades, BO International has provided innovative and revolutionary skincare solutions. The business offers contract production services to third parties. They provide private labeling services for your business. Over the past 20 years, BO International has been a part of the skincare industry.

They will create custom packaging for you that is unique to your goods. The business employs a team of highly qualified, well-trained, and seasoned R&D experts who ensure rigorous testing and high-quality production of personal care products.

With their clever methods, their capable graphic designers ensure that the label designs are appealing and fascinating. The printed labels may be mattified or glossy, depending on the client’s preferences. Their goods are vegan and cruelty-free. BO International presents you with the ideal opportunity to develop custom skincare product formulations for your business.

Action Life Sciences

Action Life Sciences is a cosmetics and personal care manufacturing firm based in India’s commercial capital. A one-stop shop for all your private labeling needs to provide you with high-quality cosmetics at low prices. They are happy to offer you haircare, skincare, face care, and bathing products from their comprehensive product line. Their cutting-edge manufacturing facility was built to produce goods that are safe, efficient, and dependable.

The company’s passionate, knowledgeable, and successful teams, led by young and qualified founders, operate Action in collaboration in the most productive way possible. They are pleased to report that their products, company management, and quality control have all been accredited by various national and foreign agencies and organizations. They have over 30 product groups, over 50 brands, and over 500 products, and more on the way.

Vasa Cosmetics

Vasa Cosmetics Private Limited, previously known as Dhiren Enterprise, was established on a promise: to render superior quality cosmetics and toiletries to the country’s leading marketing and distribution conglomerates and even, Internationally. With a wide range of skincare, haircare, baby care, oral care, and personal grooming products developed and managed in-house and enough access to several manufacturing plants on a loan license basis to cater to all of these different product lines, in addition to their facility.

In the last two decades, the business has grown significantly in international markets. Vasa Cosmetics Private Limited is now one of the leading loan license producers and exporters of cosmetics and toiletries across the board. Vasa Cosmetics Private Limited has risen from humble beginnings to become a market leader in cosmetics and toiletries such as Skin Creams & Lotions.

The list goes on. Yet, we have compiled a list of the top five cosmetic contract manufacturing companies in India in this article. Hope it helps you!