Top 7 innovative custom box design ideas for boosting packaging business

Custom boxes have been around for a long time, but they are still going strong. In this article, I want to talk about the top 7 innovative custom box design ideas for boosting your packaging business.

Custom packaging is an essential part of any company’s branding strategy, and these 7 ideas will help you make sure that yours looks as good as it can!

We can use Custom boxes wholesale in various retail stores, clothing boutiques, and even convenience stores. The great thing about these custom boxes is that they can help any business stand out with their unique designs and creativity. So, if you haven’t started designing your custom packing yet, it’s time to get started now!

With so many products to choose from, you must stand out. Always get statistics about your competition and make sure yours stands apart as well! Novelty in the promotion will get people talking about your product with their friends- eventually turning into sales for the company.

Here are 7 creative ideas that can help with your own product design.

·  Always create usable packaging.

This means that packaging should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. You can make your own custom boxes with items you already have in the house! All you need is cardboard, contact paper or cardstock, and a ruler for cutting designs out. Simply trace around an object to form different shapes and then cut them out perfect for when you want to package something like cookies or cupcakes.

While designing your packaging, consider whether it will best suit retail stores, office spaces, eCommerce sites. For example, Pomegranate tea is a new and innovative product on the market. POM Tea has design different things with its packaging. It’s in tall drinking glasses, covered by clear shrinkable wrap labels. This allows for easy visibility of what you’re buying when walking down the aisle at your local grocery store or browsing through online retailers’ sites!

· Add a little supplementary flair to your packaging.

Exceeding the standards can be as simple or complicated as you want. Amy Kitchen has a nice pasta sauce in the pot and has a label before. But the reason they are different is that Amy’s Kitchen includes two brightly colored spoons nestled inside of their jar packaging- one for pasta and one for sauce!

· Maintaining sustainability while you design your custom boxes:

Sustainability and eco-friendly materials are increasingly important to customers these days. Customers want to know how a company takes care of the environment before deciding whether to buy products.

Some ways that companies can be sustainable when it comes to boxing design include using plant-based plastics instead of petroleum plastic, recycling old corrugate material into new cardboard sheets, and even using water-soluble soy ink, so it doesn’t create any waste during production and would blend in with all other products on the shelf, but they added one small twist to make them stand out from everything else- paper and gold bows over their lids. This little detail makes it so these jars cannot go unnoticed when walking down shelves stocked with different jar sizes, colors, shapes; there is something for everyone!

· Make a design that emphasis on Packaging.

When most people think about a cleaning product, they don’t put much thought into the packaging. Method Products created products with premium packages that you can show off proudly on your countertop or in your bathroom.

These beautiful bottles look great and are easy to store when not being used! Take a stroll down any aisle at Costco or Target and see how these amazing hand-crafted designs really make Method stand out from other brands of cleaners today.

For a more modern look, choose sleek and simple designs that emphasize the shape of the product. Slimline bottles with colorful labels are perfect for products from hair care to skincare or any other household item you can think up! Add custom text to these beautifully designed boxes to make them suit your needs perfectly.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly packaging option, try shrink-wrapping, so it is easier than ever before to recycle your containers once they’ve been used. These easy design tricks will have customers coming back time and time again not only because they love what’s inside but also because of how much effort went into designing their package outside too!

· Create Packaging that seems to be fun

Fun packaging doesn’t just have to be for kids! There are so many ways that colorful and unusual shapes can work in adult products. Have you ever noticed how the wine industry has started embracing a little more fun with their labels? Just take a trip around your local liquor store – there are penguins, kangaroos, frogs, horses, and swans on every label!

With custom boxes, you can do what the wine industry has done and make your product seem a little more fun. There are so many incredible shapes that packaging companies offer that just might work for you! These custom shape ideas include:

The possibilities are endless – especially when it comes to colors because there is no shame in being bold here! Who knew that purple could be such an attractive color choice? Try out one or two different designs and see which ones get the best response from customers. The goal should always be to delight people as much as possible.

·  Extend Your Labels with Sandwich Printing

The packages of your clear liquid products can be made more attractive with creative packaging! Printing on the back is a great way to get around limited space and provide consumers with the information they may not have been expecting.

Run contests, tell stories about yourself or share product ideas that could change how people use their purchase from you- it’s an inventive solution for giving customers all the info they need without detracting from what matters most: YOUR PRODUCT PACKAGE.

People love the idea of sandwich printing. Paint and design custom printed labels that can be applied to all branding aspects such as bottles, caps, pint glasses, coasters, and more! You may want to include QR codes for people who don’t know how to read traditional text so they can tap their phones against these items and get information about what they’re drinking; it’s not only innovative but also environmentally friendly since printing on glass is much less wasteful than paper goods.

·  Try a Metallic look for a box.

The clever design really makes the metal labels and packaging stand out from the same blank design. These options are just as affordable as those in other colors but provide you with an extra layer of creativity and style.

This is a really cool idea to help you save money on shipping these big items or for driving around with them. You can customize the size of your box and lower its weight by adding air-filled packaging material into the empty space before sealing up the package; this takes away some of that bulkiness while still giving you an area to present all your products in; one place!


The custom boxes are made of high-grade materials and can be printed with your logo to make them stand out. We have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs that you can choose from for the best packaging solution possible for your business needs. Visit Impression Ville or call us today to learn more about how we can help you create innovative custom box design solutions!