September 28, 2022

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The Top Bedroom Trends of 2022

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top bedroom trends

We are well into the third month of 2022 and new trends just keep on coming. Bedroom design is ever evolving and the trends are diverse to say the least. Trends in this area are diverse to fit in with the personal preferences of various individuals and experts around the globe. 

You’ve got the lazy trends that are more low-key and then you’ve got the bold and loud trends which could take some courage to try out in your own home. All these trends revolve around one factor and one factor only and that is comfort! Here are the most popular bedroom trends for 2022 so far: 

Maximum Relaxation 

The look and feel of your room are of extreme important. But comfort is the name of the game in 2022. The focus this year is on furniture and other items that will make the room calmer and create a soothing atmosphere. Plush cushions, cosy beddings, soft sheets and fuzzy carpets is the essence of bedroom design this year. 

It’s All about Quality 

It has been all about the work-at-home generation ever since the dawn of the pandemic. As a result, the interiors of a bedroom have regained a sense of vitality it was lacking beforehand. In current times a room has to be cosy, practical and have the ability to be converted into a living space in order for it to be relevant. Quality is most definitely of higher importance compared to quantity this time around. 

Think Futuristic 

One of the most popular design trends of 2022 is futuristic glam. It is a combination of all things shiny and matte. The crazy combination gives off a futuristic worldview in terms of design. You can purchase glittery or matte bed linen online to stay on trend. In addition, when it comes to the glam side of things, this trend embraces natural elements that have a glossy finish. 

Mixed Up Pillows 

Gone are the days where matching pillow sets were favoured above the rest. In 2022 perfect matching is out and mixing styles in totally in. Add in pillows of different patterns, colours and textures to give your room the vibrant contrast that 2022 is demanding. This year in particular will incorporate stripes, patterns and textures that bring vibrancy to your bedroom! 


If the interiors of a bedroom remind of you of an art exhibition in New York, you are perfectly on trend this year. Cohesion and balance are being created in bedrooms like never before with an impeccable artistic focus. Aesthetics are going to be loud with an array of art. 

The trend can be used to experiment and figure out if it fits into your bedroom space and décor style. However, regardless of how the room is styled or decorated every artistic aspect needs to have a purpose. It has to give the room character or be in a completely unique style. 

Keep your bedrooms comfy and hot on the trend scale in 2022! 

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